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Manual to Mobile Transition – Take a Close Look

For decades, businesses have been working with paper. Whether it is with bookkeeping or expense management, people are tired of working with spreadsheets, double-checking and correcting errors.

Does Travel & Expense Integration Work for your Business?

As companies work to cut down costs and ensure every penny spent of their travel budget is well accounted for, they are emphasizing more on visibility and

3 Ways Automation Transforms Enterprise Expense Management

Evidently, employee-initiated expenses turned out as the second largest controllable cost after payroll in many enterprises. Managing those costs actively but wisely is very important as the

Key Criteria for Choosing Expense Management System

Business travel is undergoing a series of transformation these days and today’s travelers expect great user experience and would like to work with more interoperable solutions. Solutions

BYOD Trends for Business Expense Management

Today, technology and mobile together have become an integral part of our life, especially for business travelers. Many organizations are embracing the BYOD “bring your own device”

How Does Accounts Payable Software Help your Business Grow?

It’s a known fact that automated solutions give businesses a significant boost – especially for those that hold multiple branches worldwide. Mobile and cloud-based technologies have much

Making Invoice and Expense Management Easier with Automation

While large enterprises have teams to look after their travel & expense management and invoice processing, small businesses lack the systems needed to stay on top of

Best Practices for Effective Expense Management

Business expense management is perhaps one of the most cumbersome ongoing processes in any organization; however, enterprises can capitalize on expense data to maximize efficiency. With the

Key Factors Driving the T & E Market

With each passing day, significant trends are evolving in the travel and expense industry. Here’re a few trends that are driving the T & E market today.

Key Ways to Streamline Cash Flow Management

To thrive in the global economy, companies need to have a strong idea of their cash flow. By understanding when and where money is flowing in a

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