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Cost-savings on Business Travel Expense Processes

Managing business travel expenses has become a big headache for financial auditors and procurement mangers. Not only is this time consuming but it also costs more for

Transforming the Current State of T&E Spend Management with Expense Software

Travel and entertainment expenses are in the second place on the list of items difficult to control for businesses. Around 80% of employees reported that they are

How Expense Report Software Helps Resolve Top Organizational Pressures

Business travelers and accountants have experienced the pain of travel and entertainment expense reporting. Most often, the systems used for expense report management rely on paper trails

Alleviating the Risk Factors of T & E Expense Reporting

SutiExpense software solution offers a centralized platform for employee communication and allows you to interact with peers in ways you never imagined. The solution offers many features

Spotting Anomalies in Spend Patterns using Analytics

Business travel has become a crucial factor in strategic corporate planning. With more than 70% of organizations viewing T & E expense management as a strategic function,

Auditing Benchmarks for your Accounts Payable Processes

You might be thinking your accounts department is doing well. However, if you are not able to measure the performance and profitability, especially when it comes to

Creating Expense Policies that Employees Love

Coming to business expense management, the policies you put in the place for your employees should be very clearly laid out, irrespective of the reason. There is

AI Drives Accounts Payable Automation in this Information Age

Accounts payable departments have to spend many hours on data entry to manually input repetitive, high-volume business transactions such as invoice processing. The rise of automation is

Top Reasons Why Every Business Owner Should Consider Accounts Payable Software

How the accounts payable department improves the business bottom line is a billion dollar question for business owners. Besides audits, fraud prevention, and vendor management, there are

Figuring Out Blind Spots with Online Expense Report Software

Automating business travel and expenses turns the complex and time-consuming process into a more efficient one. However, simply automating is not the only answer; you have to

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