A comprehensive online solution to manage and analyze enterprise spend

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SutiSoft Enterprise Spend Platform Overview

SutiSoft’s Spend Management Platform is a unified solution that includes a comprehensive suite of solutions for businesses to optimize enterprise spend.

Enhance productivity while reducing operational costs with our spend management platform which includes Travel & Expense Management, Procurement Management, Accounts Payable, and Invoicing capabilities. In addition to providing insights into spend patterns, the platform helps reduces risk, improve compliance, and encourage collaboration & integration within business functions. Our spend management solutions are built upon an open platform architecture so that they can easily integrate with your existing or other third-party solutions, facilitating cross-functional operations robustly.

How Does SutiSoft Spend Management Platform Work?

Travel & Expense

SutiExpense and Travel management solution provides a holistic view of your entire spend by providing powerful and intuitive interfaces to the user. Supporting mobile and web applications, you can track any type of business expense from anywhere at anytime. Featured with extensive reporting and auditing capabilities, our solution lets you create expense reports, attach supporting documentation, and get reimbursed, while reducing the risk of fraud and improving out-of-spend policy compliance.


Gain the visibility and control you need on your purchasing and payment processes with the SutiProcure solution. From requisition to approval, every phase of procurement can be automated and the entire process can be run smoothly and efficiently with our solution.


SutiInvoice streamlines the invoice process and reduces administrative work while saving your time and money. Automatically convert hardcopies into digital format, store it, route for approval, match and prepare for payment. Our reporting and analytics features help you gain better visibility and achieve significant savings by negotiating with vendors, detecting duplicate invoices, and matching invoices against purchase orders.


Get your documents signed fast, easy, and secure using our eSignature solution. Avoid losing or missing documents and sign them anywhere at anytime. All documents including contracts, leases, agreements, loan, and others can be digitized and signed quickly.

Accounts Payable

Accounts payable software makes your overwhelming and time-consuming AP job simple by streamlining the approval and payment process. You don't have to deal with a stack of invoices and missing files; everything can be retrieved, reviewed, and approved automatically within the solution.

Spend Analytics

SutiDAnalytics adds business intelligence to your enterprise by generating reports to help you gain visibility over business critical data so that you can make informed decisions. Our easy-to-use intuitive dashboards provide real-time insight over all spend.

Single Sign-On

You need to work with multiple applications to manage your business processes. These applications require you to login to each application separately. Our single sign-on solution lets you to access any number of applications through a one-time login.

Why SutiSoft Spend Platform?

  • SutiSoft applications transform any enterprise by providing unparalleled visibility so that you can keep track of every transaction
  • All our solutions are designed with intuitive dashboards and ease-to-use functionality, allowing users to adopt at a faster pace
  • Our applications are scalable and configurable to meet your needs
  • Reduces resources, installation, and ownership costs
  • Access multiple applications from a single interface, driving efficiency and productivity