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Access Management


Managing access requests for various areas can be done through this module. An important aspect in effective use of the solution is to grant the appropriate access to the right people.

Access Management allows users to request access for other Roles/Areas. Managers can grant or deny access requests based on the user/s requesting. Managers can also assign delegates to manage the access requests in their absence.


Eliminates Unauthorized Access
Important resources in the enterprise can be protected with proper role based access. Users with authorized roles can only get access to other modules and resources in the enterprise.

Eliminates Manual Tasks
Eliminates the manual tasks involved in managing and creating new access requests. Access requests can be reviewed periodically and act as audit trails.

Increases Efficiency
With relevant access controls, the efficiency of the whole process increases. Users get the right access at right time.

Reduces calls to helpdesk
Reduces the number of calls made to helpdesk representatives for access requests. All of the access requests and related tasks can be managed from a single interface.


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