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Audit Management


Performing Internal Audits is an important step in the process of conforming compliance to any of the applicable regulatory mandates. Introduction of Internal Audits in an organization streamlines the policies, procedures and processes being followed and improves overall performance of the enterprise. All the tasks from scheduling to audit reporting can be performed using this audit management module.

Audit Management allows Managers to create Audit plans, events, checklists, and attach applicable evidence documents. Reviews are performed based on checklists, mandatory guidelines defined and findings are recorded. Required follow-up activities are performed and the audits are closed.


Regulation Independent
Allows separate Templates to be defined for various different compliance regulations and gives the freedom to include any no. of documents in a Template.

Built-in Repository
All documents relating to applicable regulatory mandate requirements, evidences, and assessment reports are stored in a secure built-in repository providing anytime easy access.

Eliminates Paper
All audit related documents are stored online thereby eliminating the use of paper.

Built-in Approvals
Built-in approval functionality enables faster approval of audit schedules and closure of audit recommendations thereby eliminating the manual effort required otherwise.

Enables Easy Follow-up
Review and follow-up of Audit assessments are easily performed online and recommendations for immediate corrective and preventive actions are given.


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