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Compliance Management


Complying with the requirements of various regulatory mandates is becoming an important requirement for more and more enterprises.

Compliance Management allows users to define Compliance Maps, associate them with Controls, Policies and Regulations. Responsible users test effectiveness of the Compliance by running the associated controls. Managers can view the test history and dashboard reports and take appropriate efforts to improve effectiveness.


Easy Maintenance
Update Compliance maps when there is a change in the associated Policies, Controls or regulations.

Compliance Independent
Supports all types of Compliance namely SOX, HIPPA, COBIT, etc Compliance maps for each of the regulations can be separately maintained.

Eliminates Paperwork
All Compliance related tasks can be managed online thereby eliminating the use of paper. Assessments and reviews are also performed online.

Improves Efficiency
Automating the entire compliance management process improves efficiency and reduces the burden of manually managing related documents and performing assessments.

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