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Identity Management


Segregation of Duties and granting access to critical information in an enterprise are the most important tasks to perform for businesses worldwide and are a mandatory requirement of many regulatory compliance standards. These are considered to be the some of the most difficult tasks in today’s ever changing environment of users, roles and processes. Defining identities and proper access control reduces the possibilities of mistakes and fraud.

Identity Management allows Managers to create user groups, identities, add identities to users groups, manage the organization structure and view dashboard reports.


Eliminates Manual Tasks
Eliminates manual tasks involved in creating and managing identities. Identity requests, approvals and updates can be managed from a single interface.

Flexible Hierarchy
Provides flexible hierarchy structure to accommodate different roles existing in the enterprise.

Reduces calls to helpdesk
Reduces calls to helpdesk in many scenarios including password reset, new Identity request and other self service tasks.

Improves Security
Only users with appropriate identities get access to different modules. No unauthorized users can gain access.

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