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Issue Management


Problems encountered in applications, auditing processes, assessments reviews that affect the overall quality of the system go untracked due to the lack of a proper monitoring system. Using the Issue Management features of SutiGRC solution, you can record and monitor issues you encounter and find remediation for them before they lead to bigger problems.

Issue Management allows Managers to setup users responsible for fixing Issues. Users can reports Issues found, view and fix Issues assigned for them. Issues reported are assigned to users, and closed when they are fixed. Managers can also view history details, and view various dashboard reports.


Track Issues Faster
Customizable search criteria reduce the time delays caused in finding the appropriate Issue.

Clear Accountability
Assign Issues to appropriate users under a Business Unit, Process and Sub Process for resolution and review accordingly.

Reduces Re-Occurrence
Issues identified, reason for occurrence and the resolution methodology followed are available for reference so that its re-occurrence can be avoided.

Eliminates Paperwork
All Issue evidences are stored in electronic formats thereby eliminating the use of paper.

Improves Compliance to Regulations
Systematic approach for Issue handling leads to faster resolution of Issues thereby improving compliance to regulations.

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