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Policy Management


Effective management of the Policy lifecycle is an important task in governing an enterprise. Policies that management defines must be effectively communicated and understood by its users.

Policy Management allows Managers to define Policies to be used in the enterprise, design Questionnaires and send them for review and approval. Policies are reviewed and sent to users for implementation along with Questionnaires. Users then submit their feedback on Policies. Managers can view the feedback submitted and various informative dashboard reports.


Easy Maintenance
Policies can be easily updated according to change in compliance requirements.

Reduces Time Delays
Use of an automated Policy Management solution reduces time delays cased in approving a policy.

Accessible Globally
Policies created can be stored and distributed electronically, no resource personnel is required. These can be distributed to users across the world.

Reachable Feedback
Feedback collected from policy users is stored at one location. These findings can be reviewed and results can be formulated anytime.

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