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Policy Management - Features
Manage Policies

Manage Policies - Track your Policy in minutes
Search Policy(s) based on Policy Name, Status, Expiry Date, Priority, and Creation Dates. Update Policy details, send for review, when approved distribute to user, collect feedback and view policy history.

Define Policy

Define Policy
All policies needed in the enterprise. These definitions can be modified anytime later as and when there are changes in the enterprise.


Questionnaire - Capture user perception
Create Questionnaires for Policies to collect users’ perception about a policy.

Review & Approve

Review & Approve - Follow the right hierarchy
Review and approve Policies before distributing them to Employees. When actions are carried out, Policy(s) notifications will be sent to corresponding users.

Distribute Policies

Distribute Policies - Let people know…
Distribute approved Policies, Questionnaires to employees in the enterprise for implementation. Also, define when reminders need to be sent.

Collect Feedback

Collect Feedback - Understand your users
Check effectiveness of Policies implemented by collecting feedback from employees in the enterprise. Feedback collected is reviewed by the Policy creator to make the policy more flexible and adaptable.


View Dashboards associated with Policy Priority, Awareness and Status at one shot. Managers can take appropriate steps to improve awareness of implemented policies and make the implementation process more effective.

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