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Risk Management - Features
Manage Risks

Manage Risks
Search for already identified risks based on Risk Name, Impact, Probability, Rating, and Creation Dates. Update Risk details and associated mappings.

Define Risks

Define Risks - Corrective & Preventive actions
Identify potentially possible problems in processes you regularly perform. Define them as Risks, and identify frequency of monitoring and expected impacts, if it occurs.

View Mappings

View Mappings - Clear accountability. No more mess
Map Controls with risks identified, and define accountability for the Risks. Search for existing mappings based on RC Mapping Id, Control Name, Risk Name and Creation Dates. Update details as and when there is a change in associations.

Plan Mitigation

Plan Mitigation - Eliminate Pitfalls, Minimize loss
Define mitigation plan and reduce the amount of loss that is likely to occur from an existing or potential Risk. Update details of a mitigation and view related attachments.

Heat Map

Heat Map
View Heat Maps for each of processes in the enterprise, associated Risk details, probability and impact.


Managers can easily view Risks identified, their priority, and mitigation's planned dashboards. Depending upon priority, mitigation's can be planned and Risks can be avoided / overcome.

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