Contract Creation

Easy to manage the complete lifecycle of the contracts from creation to renewal. Pre-fill data from files or other systems into the agreements. Entire agreement process can be automated and connected saving hours, money and eliminating errors. Electronic signing and payment requests can be embedded into your existing website, portals, and applications.

Sign Contracts Online

Simply send and sign documents online. The documents are sent through email -user registration or download is not required to sign. The process gets completed quickly with automated routing, signer identification, and legally enforceable capture of signatures.

Storage and Security

Easy to leverage some available powerful features such as secure retention, retrieval, and reporting. Contract and document processes can be automated with configurable workflows, enhancing productivity and collaboration. Documents can be organized, managed, and retrieved anywhere, anytime using the secure cloud-based document management platform.


What Our Customers Say...

Creating Contracts Using the Pre-approved Templates

The contract generation process is often accompanied by contract delays. Starting with clause libraries and advanced version control helps to avoid risks and roadblocks ensuring that the updated information is being used to create contracts, thus allowing your organization to be flexible to handle any third-party paper.

Granular Insight and Powerful Search Option

A user can receive granular insight into the actions, events, and exceptions, along with notifications and powerful search option.

Intelligent Contract Authoring

Effective self-service authoring with automatic templates and clauses is enabled and governance is enhanced.

Better Negotiation and Collaboration

Fast and efficient negotiations can be accomplished with better collaboration process and greater contract insights.

Approving Contracts and Execution

Cycle times are reduced, compliance is improved and flexibility is enhanced with dynamic workflows and highly configurable rules.

Business Integration

Native cloud deployment, a standard-based API and architecture tuned for integration ensures fast and effective implementations.

Mobile Signing

Create, manage, send, and sign documents from your mobile device. Sign documents anywhere, anytime and from any device.

Get Documents Set up and Sign Quickly

SutiSign electronic signature feature is fast, easy, and compliant with the ESIGN Act and individual state regulations.

Online Electronic Signature

The inbuilt electronic signature enables the user to seamlessly set up, sign, manage, and monitor all the contracts online.

Easy to Control Signing Process

Simply track the status of documents out for signature and fill signed documents.

Secure and Compliant

SutiSign is compliant with all major esign regulations such as Electronic Signature in Global and National Commerce (ESIGN), Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA), and EU Directives in order to ensure eSignatures are legally binding. Documents are well protected from repudiation and secured using various protocols and authentication methods.

Centralized Repository

A centralized document repository helps to store and protect your corporate assets. SutiDMS is a robust document management software that has the ability to meet the requirements of organizations of any size. Getting your files into SutiDMS is as easy as saving them on a disk drive because the repository acts as a virtual drive. Easy to drag and drop files and store them securely in a centralized repository.

Search Documents Easily in Minutes

Your business workflow is accommodated using a cloud-based central repository and an organized, intuitive folder structure. Search and retrieve documents instantly with a wide range of search criteria. Advanced search allows users to select more options such as select document type, folder type, file type, and add username and date.

Protect Sensitive Information

Your intellectual property should not be shared using emails and become vulnerable to risks. Users without proper authorization should not be given access to open documents. You can store the sensitive corporate information in the centralized document repository and then customize and control the appropriate users to access, view and edit.

Metadata Driven Search Option

This search feature is more efficient than the traditional folder-based search option. Metadata is used to create dynamic views for storing information. Just type what you’re looking for and the service retrieves the required resource regardless of where it is stored. You can also refine your search to certain precise fields in just a few clicks.

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