Signature Validation

Senders can validate the documents uploaded by comparing with what was signed within the SutiSign solution during the signing process.

Password Authentication

Protect your documents with additional password authentication. Approvers will be able to access documents only after entering the password generated at the time of the signature request creation.

Role Based Authorization

SutiSign restricts access to documents by defining role-based authorization. Only users who have the appropriate privileges can access documents.

Role Based Authorization

Biometric Authentication

Users can authenticate themselves using their fingerprint while singing documents.

Secure Storage

SutiSign encrypts documents with 128-bit technology. All signed documents are stored securely in the sender's & signer's account for future reference and are accessible only after successful authentication.


Audit trail

SutiSign records all activities performed during the signing process including viewing, sending, signing, or declining. These details can be displayed anytime and act as audit trails.

Audit trail

E-Sign Act Compliance

SutiSign adheres to the compliance of eSignature laws such as Electronic Signature in Global and National Commerce (ESIGN), Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA), and EU Directives to ensure eSignatures are legally binding.

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