Document Templates

Create a document template, add signature points/custom fields, and use when sending similar documents.

Document Templates

Multiple File Types Support

Upload documents in various file formats including .doc, .ppt, .xls, .txt, .pdf, .odp, .ods, .odt or .rtf files.

Multiple Document Support

Upload multiple documents and allow signers to sign one or many documents during the signing process.

Custom Fields and Signature Points

Drag and Drop fields, signature point, initials, and more onto your document with just a few clicks.

Contact Book

Skip the hassle of searching for contacts. SutiSign automatically saves contact details of signers to your address book.

Contact Book

Custom Logo

We offer brand customization, so you can send out documents and email notifications with your custom logo and branding.

Preview Company Logo


Alternate Approver

Nominate other signers on your behalf for signing and approving documents in your absence.

Alternate Approver

Approval Order

Set the approval order and define the signing process in a serial, parallel or a mixed order.


Role Based Action Permission

SutiSign allows you to define access permissions by role. You will be able to either view or approve the documents only if you have privileges to do so.


Role Based Action Permission
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