From spreadsheets to software – automate your expense management process using online expense report software

SutiExpense is an easy to use, scalable online expense report software that automates and simplifies the process of creating, submitting, and approving expense reports. By reducing your overhead and processing time by an exponential factor, SutiExpense lets you deploy your resources where they are needed instead of spending hours creating bulky expense reports. SutiExpense is available in four versions and is optimized for Windows, iOS, and Android.

Online expense report software makes expense tracking easy and perfect on the go. Businesses deploy this application to process, reimburse, and audit employee-initiated expenses.

This application has direct integration with accounting system which allows expense data to flow seamlessly into the accounting system. The intuitive design makes the solution user-friendly and the fraud detection capabilities make it reliable. Expense reports can be shared with line managers for approval and accounting department for reimbursements.

SutiExpense is a cloud-based solution which automates business expense management processes. This application is robust and it reduces operational costs and fraudulences. These videos will help understand the solution and ways to use it.

SutiExpense is now available in three versions: Small Business, Company, and Enterprise.

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