SutiSafe is a web based solution that enables users to attach encrypted files to an email and allows the receiver to easily decrypt the attached files. It is designed to provide extra security while emailing the documents that contain sensitive information.

Customer Testimonial

"Wells Fargo Funding authorizes SutiSoft's electronic signature solution for corresponding bank loan organization"


Why SutiSafe?


  • Attach multiple documents
  • Multiple recipients
  • AES 256 bit encryption
  • Supports most file formats


  • Web-based decryption
  • Works with any email client
  • Browser/Operating system independent
  • No security keys required

Other benefits

  • Easy encryption & decryption of documents
  • No user registration required
  • No complex cryptographic keys required
  • Auto generated password to decrypt documents
  • No additional software required for decryption

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