Fingerprint Authentication for individual user

SutiSoft's Secured BioPass provides fingerprint-based access control for the enterprise IT infrastructure. It addresses the vulnerabilities associated with traditional password-based authentication. The architecture of Secured BioPass makes it easy for system administrators to introduce fingerprint-based access control in the enterprise without having to revamp their existing system.

Secured BioPass is designed to meet the stringent reliability and security needs of enterprises. By providing secondary server options, it provides a fail-safe approach to user authentication.

Secured BioPass uses best-in-class algorithms for fingerprint matching. As a result, the performance and accuracy of Secured BioPass is unmatched. In addition, Secured BioPass is fingerprint sensor agnostic. This enables enterprises to use sensors that best match their needs and allows a mix of sensor types to to coexist in the enterprise. Users are able to switch sensors as needed without having to re-register their fingerprints.

Secured BioPass Standalone

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