Typing Rhythm Authentication

Typing Rhythm Authentication (Biorhythm) is a rhythm-based access control solution for securing access to the enterprise IT Infrastructure based on the typing patterns of a user. It is designed to meet the stringent reliability and security needs of enterprises. It eliminates passwords, re-registration of user details, template enhancements over time and authenticate even during server failure.

Secured biorhythm authenticates a user based on their typing patterns. The solution builds a user's pattern over time by examining how the username and password is entered. The user's typing patterns, the biorhythm template will be generated and will be used to compare against the rhythms entered during login. When a user logs in, the solution matches the pattern against the template and an authentication score is generated. Depending on the score, the user is allowed into the system.

Feature Highlights:

  • Fail-safe operation with primary and secondary servers
    Biorhythm can work in fail-safe mode using a primary and secondary server. Templates are written to both servers so that if the primary server fails, the secondary server can be enabled to take over the authentication tasks until the primary server can be brought up again.
  • Local Caching
    It allows you to access the application in case of the server being unavailable.
  • Client-Server solution
    Credentials of all the legitimate users are store in server. Whenever user wants to login to system, user needs to type his Username and Password, using these credentials biorhythm template will be generated. This template will be sent to server and verified against the Biorhythm templates stored in server. Authentication result will be sent back to client. Depend upon authentication result user may be allowed or declined to login to system.
  • Windows Logon
    Biorhythm authentication technology allows users to login to their system using their typing patterns to secure their corporate network resources in an organization.


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