Key Stroke Encryption

SutiKSE at the driver level

The encryption of keystrokes is done at the lowest possible level of the keyboard driver stack. This eliminates hackers from stealing login information at the time of entering on the keyboard.

Supports Internet Explorer

The add-on enables Internet Explorer to detect a login page and prompts the user if encryption is needed.

Supports PS2/USB keyboard architecture

It supports the latest USB/PS2 keyboard by installing a driver inside the existing device driver stack.

Standalone application - Not required to have an external server.

This application does not require a server or storage media for storing any confidential information.

Secure interaction between user mode and kernel mode.

The SutiKSE solution communicates securely from user mode to kernel mode. The driver's transition from encryption mode to decryption mode is done only with the exchange of a secret key.

Provides robust security - No hardware required.

It is purely a software solution and does not require any external hardware devices to implement the functionality.

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