Key Stroke Encryption

SutiKSE is a stand alone solution that protects sensitive information from login breeches. Many hacking tools are available now that can hack your information during transactions. With SutiKSE, users can work & shop online, transfer funds, email securely. It ensures that your personal data, credit card details and passwords are secured at each keystroke entered on the keyboard when you try to login on web pages. Deep encryption in the kernel provides a lowest-level layer of abstraction that defends your current PC security programs. It protects against screen scrapers.

Feature Highlights:

  • Secure Interaction between User and Kernel Modes
    SutiKSE solution is like a bridge of communication between user mode and kernel mode. It transfers data securely between modes. The driver's transition from encryption mode to decryption mode is done only with the exchange of a secret key.
  • Robust Standalone Application
    No hardware is required to implement the application as it is purely a secured software solution. No external server is required to store any confidential information.
  • Supports IE & Keyboard Architecture
    It supports IE to login web page and USB / PS2 keyboard by installing a driver in the current device driver stack.

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