SutiDesk is an easy to use online helpdesk software solution designed for customer support in organizations of any size. Its collaborative and intuitive design helps resolve customer issues quickly and meaningfully while providing complete control over support requests and questions. SutiDesk enables companies to manage and track support tickets and all related activities from a single unified platform. SutiDesk is easy to deploy and no installation is required.

Why SutiDesk?

  • Reduce ticket resolution times and support costs
  • Access from any device, anytime
  • Provide best-in-class support ticket management capabilities
  • Streamline customer support services
  • Automated email to ticket creation
  • Automated customer case management
  • Maintain consistent support across new and existing customers
  • Collect and manage support tickets from multiple sources
  • Provide personal support to your customers
  • Full featured solution to accommodate growth

Key Features

Emails into Tickets
Instantly create support tickets from emails.
Predefined Messages
Predefined messages for issues posted off times.
Automatic Notices
Automated email notifications for delayed ticket resolution.
Quickly respond and resolve issues with SutiDesk.
Keep Track of Customer
Keep track of customers and their past interactions.
Knowledge Base
Knowledge Base provides acquire quick answers to common customer questions.
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