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March, 2023

SutiSoft, a leading cloud-based solution provider, unveils the latest version of SutiExpense, the expense report solution. New updates further streamline and help businesses manage the expense reporting process effectively.

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March, 2023

SutiSoft, a leading digital transformation solution provider, announces the addition of new updates to SutiCLM, which allows users to customize their notifications and contracts.

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Blog Articles
March, 2023

Organizations cannot escape from document management, some more so than others. For instance, for organizations that operate in the publishing, media, consulting, or legal space, documents are the raw materials as well as the finished goods for these organizations, and the consistent and accurate management of these documents is central to continued business success.

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March, 2023

In today’s technology-evolving world, many ultra-modern solutions are hitting the market every day. Enterprises are continually investing in advanced technologies to automate their processes to stay in tandem with the current market trends, and procurement is no exception. Over the years, the procurement department has been considered a back-office function.

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