Expense report software can help automate the expense reporting process while allowing your employees to quickly capture receipts, add expenses and submit reports on the go. Robust features such as voice-based expense reporting, chatbot, multi-level approval workflows, credit card reconciliation and business rules engine makes SutiExpense an ideal fit for businesses of all sizes. The user-friendly interface, customization, and ease of integration gives SutiExpense an edge in the industry.

How does It Work?

Simplifying Your Expense Reporting Process End-to-end


File Expenses
Create, submit, and manage your expense reports on the go with our intuitive mobile app. The travel booking, voice-activated expense reporting, and voice-enabled chatbot features makes expense reporting effortless for employees.

Approval Workflow
Artificial Intelligence (AI) helps to enforce spend policies and compliance while automatically routing expense reports to the right people for approval.

Execute Reimbursements
SutiExpense accelerates the reimbursement process and eliminates data entry for the finance department. Our solution supports multiple payment gateways such as check, direct deposit and can automatically validate receipts while flagging policy violations.

Spend Analytics
Get instant information at your fingertips on expense approvals, receipts, credit card transactions, claims, and more without making further delays.

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Key Features

Intuitive, Simple, Intelligent Cloud Expense Reporting Software

Travel Booking Integration

The integrated travel booking solution allows you to book your trip with ease, while complying with company policies. Travel data can be easily pulled into your expense reporting solution, eliminating the need for data entry.

Automated Receipt Capture

No more missing receipts, simply use a mobile phone to capture receipts and add them to your expense report. Our OCR engine reads the receipt and automatically populates the data for you, so you don't have to.

Submit your Expenses with Voice

Intelligent voice capture, automated receipt matching, and intelligent categorization incorporate automation and enhance the overall user experience.

Dynamic and Secure Approval

Configure flexible multi-level approval flows based on user, role, GL code, project and more. Automated approval workflows route the reports directly to approvers based on amount thresholds. Integrated eSignature enables users to review and securely sign when approving reports.

Artificial Intelligence

SutiExpense leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) to analyze data patterns, credit card transactions and spending anomalies. Artificial Intelligence makes auditing easy by configuring business rules at both the employee and expense level, proactively detecting violations in employee spending.

Budget Controls

Define budget controls by role and department to easily view spending throughout the organization. Approvers can make decisions prior to approving requests or expenses.

Accounting & ERP Integration

Seamless integration with accounting, ERP, and payroll solutions allow data to flow seamlessly between SutiExpense and external applications.

Reports & Analytics

Extensive reporting and analytics are accessible to key stakeholders at all levels for strategic decision-making.

Credit Card Integration

SutiExpense seamlessly integrates with corporate and personal cards, enabling you to easily pull transactions into the solution without the need for manual entry.

Effortless expense reporting on the go

Capture expenses wherever you go and complete your entire report from the mobile app. Free native mobile apps for Apple and Android allow users to easily capture, submit and approve expense reports anywhere, anytime

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Integrate your expense data with other applications

Data can be synced with various external applications such as QuickBooks, NetSuite, Salesforce, Intact and others for seamless expense accounting.

Success Story

SutiExpense Minimizes Overhead Costs and Enhances Employee Efficiency for Ontario College of Teachers

“Our team is extremely happy with the automated expense management system and the reduction in time spent to create and submit expense reports. Staff can use their mobile phones or any other smart device on the go for approvals, receipts, and quick reimbursement.“


Integrated Spend Management Platform

Learn how Travel, Expense, Accounts Payable and Procurement Work Seamlessly Together

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SutiSoft Announces SutiExpense 9.0 with New Features to Simplify Expense Reporting Processes

SutiSoft Inc., a leading provider of cloud-based business solutions, announces a new release of SutiExpense, its expense management solution, with new features and a brand new user interface.


September, 2019

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