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Critical Steps to Pick the Best Expense Tracking Software for Business

As your organization is evolving quickly, you need a robust expense reporting solution to support the financial side of the business.

Expense AI and ML Can Solve Expense Reporting Problems

Businesses should manage their corporate spend effectively as it impacts the bottom line of the organization. Hence, expense management is high on the list of priorities for CFOs.

Business Rules & its Importance on Expense Management

Corporate travel policies can be complex and organizations have different policies in place to define thresholds for out-ofpocket expenses. There can be many differences in corporate travel policies.

Corporate Expense Fraud & How Businesses can Handle

Corporate expense fraud is the biggest problem for all enterprises today across the world. Studies reported that expense fraud is costing $2.8 billion for businesses every year in the United States.

2017 Travel & Expense Management Trends Among North American Organizations

Companies that do not automate experience higher costs, more frequent reporting errors, and lower employee morale than companies with TEM software. 

2014 Travel and Expense Management Technology Insight Report

This annual PayStream Advisors Travel and Expense Management Technology Insight report provides a comparative look at the past two years and reveals TEM trends, as identified by finance and accounting professionals throughout the U.S. 

Still Relying on Excel Spreadsheets to Run Your Business?

Small and medium sized businesses are faced with numerous challenges. From controlling costs to improving customer service; every part of their operation must be optimized. 

The ABC's of Expense Report Software

An Expense Management Software solution needs to be available wherever you or your employees travel. With more and more employees working remotely or traveling, your expense management solution needs to be as mobile as your employees are.

Why SaaS Apps for SMBs

No technology discussion today would be complete without mentioning the rise of cloud-based computing in the small and medium sized business (SMB) sector.


ROI's of Automated Expense Management

Is your company looking to automate the expense management process and not overburden its resources with additional installation and maintenance tasks?


Trends in Mobile Technology

Mobile Technology has changed the way we do personal and business activities. It gives us the ability to browse the internet, watch movies, upload photos, connect with social networks, and stream music anytime on the go by simply using a mobile. 

Recovering Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) with Expense Report Software

Recovering Canadian HST Tax can be a complicated and expensive process. So much so that many small to medium sized businesses leave money on the table and recover only a percentage of what they are due. 

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