Manufacturing companies will have its employees go on regular travels very often. Earlier they used to rely on traditional formats such as excel sheets and hard copy documents to record their travel logs, and claims for reimbursements. However, this process created hassles for the finance department to keep track of data for business insights.

The following are the key pain points that manufacturing companies have in terms of business expense reporting:

Adopting the travel and expense management solution such as SutiExpense could improve the process efficiency and omit the loopholes and glitches that could be created due to manual intervention.

Our solution integrates travel and expense processes and provides complete insight into different types of company data. Alongside, the solution also flags compliance violations and provides complete visibility into the types of expenses being incurred. On top of this, mobile app allowed on-field employees to submit their claims without any delays.

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Why SutiExpense for your firm?

Automated receipt scanning

Capture a receipt on camera and the OCR technology scans the receipt in seconds and auto-populates the data onto the fields, eliminating manual data entry.

Set up expense limits

SutiExpense allows businesses to define threshold amounts for products based on GL codes, product codes and any other parameter; so anything that goes beyond the policies will be red flagged.

Customize your approval workflow

SutiExpense features flexible approval workflows-Serial, Parallel and Multi-level. You can easily customize approval workflows based on your company requirements.

Seamless integration with ERP systems

Easily integrate with your existing ERP systems such as Accounting and Travel to facilitate seamless data transfer between the applications.

Constant monitoring through Analytics

Track every penny your employees spend and stay on top of spending with our analytics feature. Our wide-array of reports helps you analyze spend data prudently and analytical reports can be triggered periodically that can help audit better.


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