Manufacturing Industry

SutiExpense Saves Thousands of Dollars for Manufacturers

Manufacturers have complex challenges in tracking and reporting on expenses incurred by a range of functional areas, often scattered across tens if not hundreds of locations:

  • Salespeople in remote offices, or operating virtually
  • Plants and warehouses spread out to maximize logistical efficiencies
  • A wide range of GL codes, to account for different locations and product types

Plus, trafficking expense reports between all these locations adds a lot of cost to the process:

  • The shipping/mailing of expense reports between locations for submission, correction, approval and archiving can cost you as much as $30 per report.
  • The errors in coding, and during data entry into the accounting system, drive up man-hour costs.
  • The lack of visibility for senior managers reduces their ability to manage and control expenses.

You will benefit from adopting a highly customizable expense report software solution that eliminates all the manual steps in the process, speeds the process up, and gives managers a great deal of immediate visibility into the type and amount of expenses being incurred.

SutiExpense’s Software-as-a-Service provides that needed automation, with the customization you need to seamlessly import expense data into your accounting system electronically.

  • Eliminate coding errors
  • Save reams of paper and mailing costs
  • Save hundreds of man-hours by reducing errors and eliminating manual data entry

With the advent of highly secure, universally available cloud-based software services, achieving this money and time-saving process improvement is within the reach of all manufacturing organizations.

Rinnai North America, a home and water heater manufacturer, saved thousands of dollars and man-hours by converting to SutiExpense.

SutiExpense Brings Efficiency with Cost Savings

  • Strong Analytics : Finance departments can run customized reports, either automated or manually.
  • Easy to Use : A simple and easy-to-use Web-based and mobile interface for your users, ensuring that employees actually use the tools you provide, which drives down processing costs and improves compliance.
  • End-to-End Expense Report Management : Your expense policies can be built right into the system and applied automatically in the booking and/or review process. Any out-of-policy expenditures will be quickly spotted, allowing fast action to rectify the issue.
  • Eliminate paper waste : Save money by converting all expense report processing into electronic documents housed on a central server.
  • Improve visibility : All expense data is captured in one database, easily accessed using SutiExpense analytic tools.
  • Easy Accounting System integration : Expense report categories are matched to your own GL coding system. Easily import all data into your accounting system for permanent recording and reporting.
  • Fast ROI : Make your CFO happy with an investment that pays off quickly. SutiExpense offers low set-up fees and affordable pricing plans. You can break-even within one budgetary cycle.

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