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SutiExpense Saves Thousands of Dollars and Hundreds of Hours for Professional Services Firms

Professional Services firms have uniquely complex challenges in tracking and reporting on the expenses they incur in delivering services to their clients, and the hours each employee dedicates to individual clients or projects. They must construct a matrix of codes to properly track and report what they spend in time and money:

Plus, the manual collection and archiving of paper receipts, creation of reports, and laborious approval processes can distract your staff (and you) from the client work.

Allow yourself to benefit from adopting a highly customizable expense report software solution that eliminates all the manual steps in the process, speeds up the process, and improves your ability to track every expense and time spent by type and client.

Automated expense reporting converts unbillable paperwork hours into available billable hours.

SutiExpense’s Software-as-a-Service provides that needed automation, with the customization you need to seamlessly export expense data and billable hours by client or project code, and import all that data into your accounting system electronically:

With the advent of highly secure, universally available cloud-based software services, improving this process with time and money saved is within reach of any professional service firm, whether it be a one-person shop or a global consultancy.

SutiExpense Brings Efficiency with Cost Savings

Contact Us today to explore how SutiExpense offers professional service firms like yours all the tools you need to make expense report management easier and yet much more cost-effective. All of this at a price that fits into your budget.

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