Introducing SutiExpense Bot, the virtual assistant that can help in users creating expense reports, adding line items, adding transactions and approving expense reports. SutiExpense Bot can save business travelers time by allowing them to quickly perform the actions right from the chatbot.

Here’s what SutiExpense Bot can do for you:

Filing Expenses

Our voice-activated expense reporting feature allows users to submit expenses using their voice.

Line Items

SutiExpense allows users to add line items from camera, receipts, transactions and expense category icons directly from the chatbot.

Add Transactions

Add credit card transactions to the expense report directly from chatbot using your voice. Simply say what transactions need to be added and the bot gets the job done for you.

Report Summary

Make a request “Report Summary” and the bot will provide a summary of your latest reports.

Approving or Rejecting Reports

Approve or reject reports directly from the chatbot including options for DSignature, our signature verification solution that authenticates signatures in real-time.

Voice-activated Chatbot

Other Features

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