Submit your Expenses with Voice

Create, submit, and approve/reject expense reports using your voice. Attach receipts, import transactions, search for the flights and tell SutiExpense what you want to do and it does for you.

Mobile- GPS Mileage Tracking

Get your mileage calculated automatically with SutiExpense mobile app. Integrated with GPS, SutiExpense gives you instant, point-to-point recognition of the distance traveled while on a business trip.

Mobile- GPS Mileage Tracking

Credit Card Integration

Integrated with major corporate card service providers such as Visa, Master Card, and AMEX, SutiExpense allows users to access their corporate card transactions easily. Users can automatically import corporate card transactions into an expense report, alleviating the need of manual entry.

Credit Card Integration – SutiExpense

Reassign Corporate Card Transactions

Corporate card transactions can be reassigned to other employees for submitting expense reports.

Dynamic Approval Flow

Allowing employees to dynamically choose approvers for approving their expense reports.

Create Time & Expense Reports

Allows employees to create expense reports by date/time for various projects, clients, and cost centers.

Create Time & Expense Reports

Cost Center Allocation

Splits expenses between different cost centers, projects, and clients for individual line items on the expense report. The expenses allocated can be updated by approvers or finance users, if allowed by your company. The breakdown of this allocation will be reflected in the data exported to the accounting system.

Cost Center Allocation

Other Features

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