SutiExpense is Built to Meet the Compliance Requirements of HST for Canadian Enterprises

Enterprises that operate in Canada have complex accounting challenges of tracking and reporting expenses that incur sales taxes. Each company must account for the sales taxes it pays in each province. Additionally, it must use that data to recover taxes, as allowed for under the Harmonized Sales Tax statute (HST).

Every company will benefit from adopting a highly customizable expense report software solution that is built to make the auditing and recovery of HST on expenses fast and accurate.

SutiExpense has built a Canadian instance of its expense report software that can automate the capture of HST data from expense reports submitted by employees. Plus, our standard Canadian instance is completely customizable to fit the accounting needs of your organization.

  • Our goal is to make HST compliance easy and accurate.
  • One method is to automate and digitize your expense reporting processes.

With the advent of highly secure, universally available cloud-based software services, improving this process with time and money saved is within the reach of all Canadian organizations, as well as international enterprises that have operations in Canada.

SutiExpense Brings HST Compliance with Cost Savings

Virtek, a technology company based in Toronto, converted to SutiExpense to automate the calculation and recovery of their HST.
  • Strong Analytics : Finance departments can run customized reports, either automated or manually. HST reporting can be set up as a standard report.
  • Easy to Use : A simple and easy-to-use web-based and mobile interface for your users, ensuring that employees actually use the tools you provide, which drives down transaction costs and improves compliance.
  • End-to-End Expense Report Management : Get complete control over the entire expense creation, approval, and reimbursement process. Your expense policies can be built right into the system and applied automatically in the booking and/or review process. Any out-of-policy expenditures will be quickly spotted, allowing fast action to rectify any issues.
  • Eliminate Paper Waste : Save money and achieve green initiatives, by converting all expense reports processed into electronic documents housed on a central server.
  • Improve Visibility : For you and your senior executives. All expense data is captured in one repository, which can be easily accessed using SutiExpense analytic tools.
  • Easy Accounting System Integration : Expense report categories are matched to your own GL coding system. Easily import all data into your accounting system for your permanent records and reports.
  • Fast ROI : Nothing makes a CFO happier than an investment that has a quick return. SutiExpense offers low set-up fees and affordable pricing plans. As a result, we deliver cost and time savings that cover any initial investments of time and money within one budgetary cycle.

Contact Us today to explore how SutiExpense offers Canadian organizations like yours all the tools you need to make expense report management easier and yet much more cost-effective. All of this while simultaneously remaining at a price that fits into your budget.

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