Fraud Detection

Spotting duplicate expenses becomes easy with SutiExpense. Approvers will be notified of possible duplicate expenses, if any, submitted by the user. Any duplicate expense will be sent back to the submitter asking for an explanation.

Fraud Detection


Customize your tax rules and auto-calculate taxable amounts for various taxes including GST, VAT, and others. Define recapture formulas and get recapture amounts automatically calculated for specific tax types. Track taxes by individual line item, expense report, or date range.


Policy Enforcement

Automate policy enforcement by defining business rules to avoid out-of-policy expense claims. Setting expense policies such as mandating receipts, defining age limits, and other customizations can be simply done by switching the options on or off.

Reconciliation of Corporate Cards

Easily verify and validate corporate card transactions with SutiExpense. Filter transactions by status and get to know the outstanding amount to be paid for employees.

Custom Reporting

Create custom reports, using the fields needed to match your company needs. Simply select the fields and applicable filter criteria to create the custom report.

Custom Reporting


Reimbursement can be completed in just a few clicks with SutiExpense. Simply select transactions and import them into your accounting system to process the payments for your employees.

Employees get paid faster than ever before with the SutiExpense ACH payment gateway. Reimbursements can be sent through direct deposit within 4-5 business days.

Other Features

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