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The SutiSoft Spend Management platform features a comprehensive suite of ERP solutions that help enterprises automate and streamline various business processes. The solution offers a single and centralized interface for managing all aspects of enterprise spending.

The platform includes Procurement, Accounts Payable, Contract Lifecycle Management, eSignature, Accounts Receivable, and Travel & Expense. Built on open platform architecture, our spend platform is highly scalable and enables businesses to integrate easily with external applications to facilitate cross-functional operations.

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Gain the visibility and control you need on the procure-to-pay process with SutiProcure. From requisition to approval, automate every process and achieve greater operational efficiency with our procurement solution.

Key Features

Supplier Sourcing and Onboarding

Accelerate your sourcing process with our strategic sourcing suite that helps you identify potential vendors, evaluate risk and compliance. Onboard vendors seamlessly by allowing them to update their information and product details directly from the self-service portal.

Contract Management

SutiCLM automates the contract lifecycle process from drafting to renewal. Contracts signed by vendors can be easily stored, managed and retrieved from a single interface.

Integrated eSignature

Securely sign and manage nearly every agreement from almost anywhere in the world with SutiSign. Our intuitive mobile app allows you to sign documents, including contracts, leases, and agreements anywhere, anytime, quickly, and reliably.

Requisitions & Purchase Orders

Create, track, and route requisitions to appropriate approvers for quick approvals and generate POs automatically from approved requisitions to streamline the purchase order workflow.

Vendor Profiling & Rating

Measure overall vendor performance by evaluating multiple factors including delivery, support, pricing, quality and more. Rate suppliers by giving different weightages to various parameters and KPIs.


Real-time reports can help analyze underlying purchase patterns by consolidating the spend data, thereby helping procurement teams manage risk and eliminate blind & maverick spending.

Supplier Relationship Management

SutiSRM helps automate the procurement process and improves collaboration between buyers and vendors through a secure environment. Our solution can help define the action plan to collaborate with different stakeholders and measure results for your supplier engagements.

Key Features

Supplier Portal

Self-vendor portal allows suppliers to view and add information instantly and any payment status can be tracked quickly without long waiting times.

PO Acknowledgements

Receive confirmations from suppliers detailing products, prices, and timelines. PO acknowledgments can be fully/partially acknowledged and routed for appropriate approvals.

Supplier Management

Gain a 360-degree view of supplier activities, including sourcing, screening, and onboarding with SutiSRM. Manage supply chain risks by measuring KPIs such as delivery timelines, payment terms, prices, communication lag times, and more from a single interface.

Sourcing Analytics

Analytics can help identify the best times to source suppliers and request proposals. You will gain complete visibility into the supply base, making it easy to find quality suppliers, sourcing opportunities, and risk positions.

Accounts Payable

Automate your AP process with AI and ML technologies that adds intelligence to your accounts payable process. Our robust matching engine helps match invoices against POs and receipts and detects duplicates quickly.

Key Features

Automated Invoice Capturing

Capture invoice data automatically with the same level of speed and accuracy regardless of their format using intelligent data capturing technology.

Intelligent Matching

SutiAP’s 2-way, 3-way, and N-way matching process involves validating invoices against purchase orders and receipts to detect unauthorized spending, fraud, and duplicate invoices.


Automatically route invoices for approvals and payment processing. Make partial payments for invoices in bulk and notify users when payments are processed.

Invoice Insights

Gain complete insight into the transactional side of invoicing, including payment cycles, payment accuracy, and rebates, which can help identify fraudulent payments.

Accounts Receivable (AR)

SutiAR can help businesses create & send estimates, receive & track payments of invoices and manage all billing requirements from a centralized interface.

Asset & Inventory Management

SutiAIM helps businesses manage orders, track inventory, oversee warehouse and run all operations from a centralized repository. Businesses can easily track the movement of any asset and get real-time updates on the order status, inventory and warehouse in just a few clicks.

Key Features

Asset Management

Simplify your asset and equipment tracking process by automating the entire asset lifecycle process with SutiAIM.

Onhand Balance and Fulfillment

Manage your inventory effectively by enabling businesses to strike a balance between inventory available on-hand and inventory required to fulfill the demand at any given time.

Barcode Scanning

SutiAIM supports multiple barcode scanners that make it easy to add serial and batch numbers to track individual line items from production to sale, making it faster, more accurate and reliable.

Cycle Count

Cycle count helps offset traditional audits by allowing businesses to check whether physical inventory count match with their inventory records.

Warehouse Management

Manage your inventory across multiple warehouses and track item movements easily from a single interface. The solution helps mitigate risk in unforeseen disasters and effectively performs inter-warehouse transfers and backorders.

Inventory Management

Inventory management helps you keep track of your products, expiration dates, batch serial numbers, and more. Avoid overbuying by gaining real-time visibility into stock vs. sales to cut shortages and prevent repurchases and wasteful spending.

Travel & Expense

Simplify your travel and expense management process with SutiExpense, an AI-powered expense report solution that helps enterprises automate expense capturing & validations, policy compliance, and approval workflows, all part of a unified interface.

Key Features

Travel Booking

Manage your pre-trip and post-business trips with integrated travel booking software. Mark every expense in a pre-trip request and convert the request to a report in just a click.

Receipt Processing

OCR technology enables travelers to scan physical receipts for capturing information such as amounts, vendor names, dates, receipt numbers, and more. Data captured can be automatically populated on the expense reports with greater accuracy.

AI/ML Fraud Detection

AI and machine learning technologies helps businesses analyse employee spending patterns and flags duplicates, fraudulent and out-of-policy expense claims for approver review.

Budget Controls

Stay on budget by setting controls by employee, department, and project level. Budget controls notify employees and the finance department when the budget exceeds or cash goes out of control.

Quick Reimbursements

Direct deposits such as ACH payment gateway guarantees minimum turnaround times on employee reimbursements.

Spend Analytics

Transform raw data into insightful reports that let you track spend data across individual teams and business units when needed- daily, monthly or annually through intuitive dashboards and customizable reports.

Reports & Analytics

SutiDAnalytics can help generate reports with real-time data that give you quick insight over enterprise spending. Our custom report builder generates reports based on the selected criteria, which can help you analyse KPIs, identify cost-saving opportunities, and cut costs.

SutiSoft Spend Management Platform

SutiSoft’s eco system allows users to seamlessly transfer data between various systems facilitating cross-internal operations.

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