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Travel and Expense Reporting – SutiExpense Offers the Best Ways

Why it is Time to Upgrade Your Expense Policy
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In this digital age, from booking a cab to ordering pizza everything is automated. Most of our day-to-day activities can be accomplished using a smartphone. So, why you are still spending hours collecting receipts during business trip – and then you wait for weeks, or sometimes months after submitting expenses to actually be reimbursed?

Manual paper-based spend management processes have been a massive drain for employee productivity. Also, they are inadequate when it comes to providing actionable insights to approvers or managers. There is a better way to manage corporate travel spend – from trip planning to reimbursement.

A cloud-based spend management system helps you to manage business travel and expenses from anywhere, anytime. Capture your spend receipts using your mobile while on-the-go, have it approved, and get reimbursed in less time.

With an advanced system like SutiExpense, businesses can simplify, systemize, and save on their business travel programs. Here are a few ways how the expense reporting solution makes your corporate travel easy:

Manage Budget in Real-time

With an automated system, you will have better control over how much money is being spent on business trips and know where your money is going and why. Automation minimizes over-spending surprises by providing access to complete data at your fingertips.

Robust Report Auditing

The solution automates workflows, processes and streamlines auditing. It would automatically flag duplicates, or checks expense reports for amount thresholds. Instead of actively looking for fraud expenses, you can simply get a notification on your mobile.

Book through Preferred Vendors

Make sure employees book their flights using the company’s preferred airline and accommodation at the preferred hotels. The online software will give you greater control over how employees are spending the organization’s money.

Discounts from Preferred Suppliers

Get annual discounts and maintain your volume-based pricing incentives. The automated spend management system provides real-time tracking of the company’s performance against preferred providers’ contracts.

An automated expense management process requires less resources to handle, review, and approve spend reports. The solution helps reallocate time spent on expense reporting to a more productive area. Time saved can be utilized to do current jobs better and allows you to spend on other tasks, helping businesses improve as a whole.

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