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SutiHR provides a comprehensive and efficient HR management solution designed to streamline end-to-end HR functions for organizations across diverse geographic locations. It enables organizations to efficiently manage employee data, streamline key processes such as recruitment, time & attendance, payroll, and performance evaluation, while ensuring compliance with local regulations worldwide. SutiHR empowers organizations to enhance employee management, reduce administrative burden, foster better communication, and collaboration, ultimately leading to a more productive and engaged workforce.

Integrated Cloud HR Platform to Manage End-to-End HR Cycle

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Why SutiHR?

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The Compelling Features that Drive Organizations to Adopt SutiHR

SutiHR helps businesses manage their HR functions more efficiently and effectively, freeing up HR staff to focus on more strategic initiatives.

HR Data and Reporting

Keep your employee data organized, secure, and accessible

SutiHR allows HR teams to store and manage employee information, such as contact details, employment history, skills, certifications, and job titles, all in a centralized location.

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Access HR documents effortlessly and ensure compliance

Efficiently manage all your business and employee documents, including offer letters, employment contracts, employee handbooks, tax forms (W-4 forms and I-9 forms) benefits forms, and more ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

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Empower your employees to manage their own HR tasks with ease

SutiHR employee self-service (ESS) feature allows employees to access and manage their own HR-related information and tasks, reducing the workload of HR staff and improving employee experience.

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Insightful data that helps you make better HR decisions

SutiHR provides insights into various aspects of the organization’s workforce. The reports helps HR staff identify trends, measure progress towards goals, and make data-driven decisions to improve the organization's HR processes.

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Hiring and Onboarding

SutiHR’s robust and user-friendly recruitment system improves your ability to find and hire great talent.

Attract top talent with our easy-to-use and effective job posting platform

Promote your jobs on the most popular job boards like Indeed, Glassdoor, and others. Create a better candidate experience using customizable careers pages.

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Find the right talent quickly with AI-powered resume parser

Seamlessly extract candidates information from job applications and map it to the corresponding fields in your applicant tracking system. SutiHR’s new AI-powered resume parser allows you to filter candidates based on the extracted resume data.

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Optimize your talent pipeline and acquire the best fit

Stay organized and focused by creating custom workflows for each job opening. Easily track the progression of your candidates between recruiting stages.

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Transform your hiring process and choose the right talent

From scheduling interviews to follow-ups, the solution automates everything, so you can focus on what’s crucial – getting to know your candidates.

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Secure talent with swift offers and seamless signatures

Create a seamless candidate experience by digitizing your new hire process. Quickly generate offer letters with custom templates and requests for eSignature.

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Checkr integration ensures a fair and expedited hiring process

Optimize your hiring decisions and foster a secure work environment with Checkr integration, ensuring a fair and expedited hiring process. Checkr's AI-powered screening process simplifies candidate verification, providing comprehensive and efficient background checks.

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Experience a smooth and efficient employee lifecycle management

Efficiently manage employee transitions, including pre-onboarding, onboarding, offboarding, and rehiring, all with a single solution.

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Effortlessly generate, analyze, and make data-driven HR decisions

Gain comprehensive insights into your hiring status, identify pain points in your process, and make data-driven decisions.

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Payroll, Benefits and Time Management

A modern time tracking system that helps you manage time and attendance, shifts, benefits, and payroll tracking needs of all types of employees.

Efficiently track and manage your employee work hours with Timesheets

Create timesheets to meet unique time tracking needs of your business. Capture clock in/out times based on tasks, project and activity, breaks, and much more to ensure accurate time data for payroll.

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Enforce time off policies for effective resource allocation and project planning

Track employee time off balances, scheduled time off requests and managers’ responses all in one location. Create time off types that suits your business and setup accrual rules.

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Maximize the value of your employee benefits

With SutiHR's dynamic employee self-service tools, employees can access and enroll in the benefit plans that best suit their needs from a package of available plans.

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Manage remote workforce with real-time GPS tracking

SutiHR’s mobile app enables your workforce to clock in/out, request time off, pick-up shifts, and more from anywhere, anytime. Geolocation tracking allows you to accurately track an employee’s hours and locations.

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Accurate, reliable, and on-time payroll processing

SutiHR’s time tracking system seamlessly integrates with any payroll solution that your business uses. You can easily connect and share employee timesheet and other details for payroll processing as needed.

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Facilitate data-driven decision-making on resource utilization and employee productivity

Real-time reports help you analyze shifts, time off, budgets, labor costs, and more. Easily know who is working when and track spending habits compared to the set budget.

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Performance Reviews

Track your employee performance with custom reviews and smart goals, including timely feedback to help them be overall more productive.

Create Custom Reviews for meaningful feedback

Create multiple performance review cycles with specific forms and schedules. SutiHR enables you to customize your performance review process to your company needs.

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Dynamic review forms and questionnaire templates for actionable insights

Built-in review templates provide everything you need to evaluate employee performance. You can also create department-specific review questionnaires to analyze employee performance using our built-in review templates.

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Maximize productivity with Goal-focused performance

Create, track, and share individual, team, and business-level goals through web or mobile app. Automated notifications keep employees and managers informed on goal progression, meeting scheduled, and more.

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Conduct effective meetings for performance and goal alignment

SutiHR enables regular discussions and feedback sessions keeping both employees and managers informed of progress and goals.

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Unlock performance potential with comprehensive reports

Reports offer the talent management data you need in order to make better decisions for your workforce. Easily identify employee performance issues and quickly make necessary improvements.

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eSignature and Documents

Store all of your business and employee documents in a single, secure location that is easily accessible.

Manage documents online effortlessly and securely

Create, manage, distribute, and archive different types of documents that can be accessed from anywhere, at any time. Categorize documents into custom folders and restrict access to authorized personnel as needed.

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Simplify document signing with secure eSignatures

Integrated eSignature solution makes document signing effortless. Send documents to multiple recipients with just a click and stay updated through the entire document signing process.

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Organize and access files effortlessly

Our document folder structure feature helps you maintain consistency and organize your files from start to finish.

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Control document access with customizable permissions

Set permissions to ensure that only authorized users have access to confidential business documents and information.

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Organize files with intelligent tagging

SutiHR’s file tagging system improves document classification and simplifies the search for your files within the document repository.

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Create and manage employee training seamlessly and improve your bottom line with SutiHR’s online training system.

Empower your workforce with targeted training programs

Schedule any type of training course and monitor course effectiveness all within a single, secure tool with high visibility.

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Provide employees with easy access to online assessments anytime, anywhere

Create and schedule online assessments for employees and manage their test. SutiHR allows management of the test evaluation processes and results.

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Measure employee potential with ease

Easily measure the effectiveness of the completed training courses by conducting online tests. Efficiently evaluate employee skills, find areas for growth, and track progress toward goals.

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Simplify workflows, streamline requests and approvals

SutiHR's self-service functionality enables employees to request desired training courses, while managers can easily approve requests and schedule training.

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Stay on track, never miss a training deadline

Stay on top of training requirements with automated email notifications sent to employees and managers for upcoming and overdue training.

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Gain training insights at your finger tips

Reports and analytics help you analyze the performance of each course, attendees, trainers, and more. Use this data to identify skill gaps and improve the skill sets of your entire workforce.

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SutiHR offers a variety of integrations to help streamline HR processes, reduce manual data entry and increase efficiency. Some of the most popular integrations include:


Manage Human Resources on the Go

SutiHR mobile app allows managers to view employee data, approve time off requests, access HR-related documents and reports from their mobile devices. The mobile app provides greater flexibility and convenience for managing HR tasks and data anywhere, anytime.


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