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SutiHR provides powerful tools for every part of the HR cycle from recruitment to separation. The benefits go beyond the HR department, employees and managers benefit from tools that help make their lives easier and more productive, saving the entire organization time and money.

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Key Features

Intelligent HR Software to make you and your employee's lives easier!
Applicant Tracking (ATS)

The powerful recruitment module easily allows you get approvals to fill open positions, conduct interviews, and send out offer letters and hiring packets. Integration with job boards such as Indeed and Glassdoor and resume parsing are also options. Let’s not forget onboarding, assigning onboarding tasks with one click and monitoring candidates as they go through the entire hiring process. In addition, the applicant portal will keep your candidate impressed with the efficiency of your organization.

Time and Attendance Management

Powerful time off features such request and approval workflows, along with optional timesheet support makes handling PTO requests a breeze. With mobile support, employees can clock in & out from the field with geofencing options enforced.

Configurable scheduling software allows you to easily build and maintain work schedules! Capture accurate employee clock in and clock out details using biometric or cards and regularize attendance. Data can be easily viewed, downloaded, or exported.

Personnel Management

The personnel module allows you store as much information as you want, eliminating the need for spreadsheets and sticky notes. Alerts can be configured around performance reviews, training personnel, and certificates and more.

Training Management

Schedule mandatory training events for employees to stay compliant with necessary rules and regulations. Allow managers to put in training requests for subordinates and employees can even request training as well. For US customers, access to a powerful LMS system with 300+ courses is provided!

Goal Management

Use goals and KPIs to help achieve performance targets. Goals can be used with or without performance reviews. Align individual goals to company needs and improve performance while fostering business results. Goals can be measured using various methods such as SMART. Managers can have team based goals as well.

Performance Management

Create unlimited performance review forms and use them whenever you want. Auto scheduling of reviews including probationary, top-down, bottom-up, 360º and peer-to-peer are all supported with seamless integration of eSignature.

Benefits Management

Optimize the benefits you offer your employees. Create flexible benefit plans and allow employees to choose from a variety of benefits and options. Eliminate the need to distribute documents and field questions during open enrollment.

Payroll Management

Create and administer flexible pay structures across the organization. Automate payroll calculations and export payroll-related data to third-party systems with ease.


Supports both hourly and salary based employees. Keep track of salary changes and history including bill back options.

Reports & Analytics

Easy to use dashboards and reports help assist in making decisions and understand what is happening in the organization.

Succession Planning

Identify your potential and high performing talents, while nurturing their growth and success. Keep track of skills and promotions while allowing you to discover future leaders and superstars.

Mobile Support

In today’s world, more employees are now mobile, visiting customers, and working from home. Support them with a solution that works even on their mobile device.

Employee Self Service

Employees and managers can log into their accounts and perform actions based on their roles and privileges. The dashboard allows them to keep track of multiple tasks and reminds them of what they need to get done.


The documents module allows for storing documents with versioning, completion of forms online and integrated eSignature. With one click, get all of your employees to sign the latest employee handbook!


SutiSoft's online HR System helps you stay compliant with rules and regulations. You can maintain all the necessary documentation electronically and produce it on demand. Get access to rules and regulation updates for all 50 US States including forms, an employee handbook builder and training courses.

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Press Releases

January, 2019

SutiHR’s Performance and Goal Management modules have been updated with new features and functionality.

November, 2018

SutiHR’s Performance and Goal Management modules have been updated with new features and functionality.

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