SutiHR’s mobile app makes your HR environment more flexible by providing applications that you can easily access on the go. Employees can easily access their work-related information and keep up with daily tasks anywhere, any time. With native mobile platform capabilities our mobile application is simple and easy to use for anyone.

GPS & Mobile Attendance

Enables employees to clock in/out from various work locations. The mobile app can utilize GPS to tag these locations to the employees’ clock in/out time.

Track Timesheets

Employees can fill out timesheets and submit them for approval directly from their smartphone. The mobile app also makes it easy for managers to review and edit the entries on the go.

Manage Time-Off from Anywhere

The mobile app makes it easier for employees who are always on the move to keep track and manage their own time-off. Managers can view details of their employees’ time-off submissions before approving/rejecting a request when received.

Shift Scheduling

The advanced shift scheduling feature helps your employees manage their work schedules while on the go. Managers can also view who is clocked into which shift and get notifications if employees don’t clock in/out as scheduled.

Collaborate with Peers

Easily search for employees through the address book within the mobile app. View all the details you need, as well as, make a direct call or send an email to your peers directly from the application.

Upcoming Birthdays and Holidays

Receive updates on your mobile application related to employee birthdays, upcoming holidays, company announcements, and more.

Works on Android & IOS

Employees can access SutiHR through our Android and IOS apps. The mobile app is available for employees to download for free, from the Apple and Google Play Stores.

Other Features

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