Reports and Dashboard

Advanced reporting capabilities help you generate reports and spot key trends in workforce management. The dashboard presents all employee data in a meaningful format so you can quickly make data-driven decisions for your business.

Capture All Employee Data

The solution allows you to quickly create and customize forms to collect employee data by simply dragging and dropping fields onto the forms. All information collected from the employees can be accessed within their employee profiles.

Manage Lifecycle Activities

Keep track of the entire employee lifecycle from recruitment-to-retirement and monitor the improvements in your workforce throughout their tenure.

Integrated Document Management System

Upload and maintain all your employee-related documents such as Identity, Education, Work Experience, and more all in one location. Also, set permissions for who can access certain documents.

Search Employee Record

Advanced search capability helps you quickly retrieve and view employee information from your employee database.

Track Employee Assets

The system keeps track of all essential assets given to an employee right from procurement-to-retirement. It helps you quickly assign assets to new hires and retrieve them from terminated employees.

Automated Task Assignment (Routing)

The system provides ultimate control over managing the tasks associated with a new employee’ onboarding process. It includes task assignment for new hires, managers, and departments, as well as automatic email notifications to monitor those tasks.

Effortless Onboarding Experience

Automated (paperless) onboarding – Onboard faster than ever by providing your new hires the tools to complete forms and policies online before their first day on the job.

Custom workflow – Easily create custom HR workflows to meet the unique needs of your organization. Set unique approval policies, fulfillment tasks, and notifications for each workflow.

Employee Communication

Manage Employee Communication – The company directory, within the mobile application, allows you to connect with employees on platforms like Gmail and Skype, making communication and collaboration with your workforce easier and instant.

Send Reminders and Alerts – The system automatically sends email alerts to employees and managers about upcoming performance reviews, training schedules, certificate expiration, and more.

Use Notification Templates – The solution provides a massive list of email templates in a dedicated template library. You can customize and use these templates when you need to send important notifications to your employees.

Update and Publish Company Policies and Forms – Connect your workforce to the information and knowledge they require to get the job done. The solution helps you easily upload/update information such as company policies, employee handbook, forms, and more within the HR portal.

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