HR Management in the finance sector has specific demands – the need for strict compliance rules, the challenge for hiring and retaining highly-skilled resources, performance management, and rapid digitalization are a few among them. SutiHR for the finance industry streamlines every HR management function right from recruiting the right talents, managing employee performance, looking after their payroll, retirement benefits, and more. The solution simplifies workforce management so you can easily hire the right talent to compete in the complex, high-consequence financial services industry.

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Banking, Finance and Insurance Firms - HR Management Challenges

  • Paper-based HR management processes
  • Employee information management
  • Recruiting and retaining the best talent
  • Lack of visibility into employee time and attendance
  • Creating an attractive workplace culture
  • Performance management and training
  • Managing employee benefits, compensation, and more
  • Compliance and employee risk management
  • Lack of analytics and real-time reports
  • Issues with the full and final settlement.


  • The solution simplifies and automates HR processes while reducing excessive dependence on HR for your employees.
  • Helps you manage, store, and organize large volumes of employee data in a single location.
  • Minimizes compliance risk; employee actions are captured and reported in real-time.
  • Employees can access their timesheets and request time off, submit shift availability, swap or drop shifts.
  • Easily integrates with other applications such as electronic signature software, background screening solutions, and more, for greater efficiency.
  • Achieve more with our cost-effective pricing and plans that work for businesses of all sizes.

Key Features

Employee Information Management – SutiHR stores your employee data in a central database that communicates with every feature of the solution – you can quickly enter, update, and check the staff information instantly. Advanced data security tools ensure accuracy and business-level security for your data.

Time Tracking – The robust system streamlines employee time tracking, time off management, and shift scheduling by automating all time and attendance management factors and constraints.

Talent Acquisition – The online system simplifies the tedious recruitment and onboarding function by automating the candidate selection process and building a pipeline of qualified prospective candidates.

Performance Management – Conduct efficient, organized, and easy-to-analyze performance reviews that can track employee performance and progress in real-time. 360-degree reviews give a complete view of the staff performance based on a transparent and fair approach.

Training and Development – The cloud-based system is designed to help you provide and manage staff training as quickly as possible. The intuitive and advanced user interface makes it easy for employees to select the courses relevant to them or complete online tests.

Employee Self Service – Employee self-service tools allow staff to manage their information, request time off, view time off balances, enroll in benefits, and work shifts without contacting the HR team.

Data Analytics – Advanced data analytics help you see how your employee hours are being used, identify trends that may be contributing to business issues, and optimize planning. Custom reports allow you to generate reports of your preferences and view how various HR factors impact your bottom line.

Payroll – Pay your employees more quickly and accurately with SutiHR. The robust, reliable and scalable online software can be easily integrated with your existing payroll systems.

Custom Workflows – The solution lets you create an organized and streamlined process for each of your workflows as per your preferences.

Mobile App – The easy-to-use mobile app transfers the power of self-service from the web-based application to your smartphone. Employees can clock-in remotely, submit time off requests, update personal information, access goals, etc., on the go.

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