Managing bundles of documents manually can be challenging for the HR department. SutiHR’s Document Management System (DMS) enables you to organize and store confidential documents and other sensitive information securely in a centralized digital system, making it easier to track and locate documents.

Centralized Document Management System

Gather, store, and manage all HR documents. Everything from handbooks, offer letters, appraisals, pay slips, and more all in a central repository.

Centralized Document Management System

Share Documents

Organize, create, and consign shared network folders for crucial documents and share with the right employees securely.

Share Documents

Integrated eSignature

SutiHR’s integrated eSignature platform enables you to securely review and sign HR documents online with the automated routing and verification processes. Once the document is approved, it will be automatically saved in the DMS securely.

Integrated eSignature

Advanced Search Options

Detailed classifications in the central repository allow you to instantly search and retrieve documents using different search criteria – folder type, document type, file name, metadata, and more.

Control Document Access (Security)

Store and encrypt HR documents in the central repository and set different levels of controls, such as role-based access and more, to maintain compliance and ensure confidentiality.

Track Documents

The built-in version control functions allow you to easily record and track any actions performed to the HR documents.


Customize your dashboard with different sets of criteria such as my documents, group tasks, my tasks, advanced tools, and more to tailor it to your specific business requirements.

Other Features

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