The education sector has changed dramatically over the years. Today, the trend in education management has changed a lot, staff recruitment, faculty management, dynamic academics, e-learning, student development programs, and more. SutiHR for the education sector makes HR transactions easier and automatic. It covers the entire employee life-cycle, including recruitment and onboarding, attendance, performance, training and development. Built with sophisticated features, the solution is tailored to meet the operational, legislative and compliance requirements of schools, colleges, and universities.

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Education - HR Management Challenges

HR professionals in the education sector face some unique problems. The challenges of the role have increased, which places a lot of pressure on the HR department.

Manual Paper-based Processes – Despite significant shifts in the industry landscape and increasing demand in the employee experience, most educational institutions haven’t adjusted their HR management processes to reflect these changes. Processes are often still paper-based and cumbersome – often, HR professionals have to avoid procedures to get things done. Time-consuming, manual approval tasks often slow down critical functions.

Staff and Student Database Management – Educational institutions need to manage every detail about students in a holistic, organized, and cost-effective way. With manual methods, HR staff needs to spend a considerable amount of time compiling student and staff data.

Talent Management – Recruitment is a crucial part of building a successful organization, and even more in the education sector, where great teachers are an essential factor for student success and performance. To attract these exceptional educators, educational institutions must modernize their recruitment practices and technology.

Employee Retention – The education sector faces many challenges today, long working hours and low pay are the two main reasons teachers decide to leave the profession. High staff turnover costs education institutions a lot of money. The cost of hiring and training new staff can be really expensive.

Time and Attendance Management – In the education sector, schools, colleges, and universities are tasked with fulfilling goals while also providing the best possible education for students. Tracking staff attendance is a major headache in most institutions; it takes a lot of hours if performed manually. With an automated system in place, this can be done at a click of a button.

Training and Development – This function is more crucial for educational institutions, as training to faculty will help them to deliver in a better way to students. Training programs need to be updated and made more practical and relevant so that the faculty will be able to gain from such programs.

Salary and Benefits – For effective results and productive goal achievements, staff in the education sector must be satisfied and happy. It can be done through prompt payment of salary and ensuring a safe and healthy working environment

HR Related Queries – Your staff will have a number of inquiries and answering them shouldn’t be a difficult process for either party. Employees need to get in touch with the person who will be able to handle their queries and track the status of their request.

Data Security and Compliance – One of the main challenges HR professionals face in the education sector is data security and compliance. It is not easy to meet compliance when recruiting new staff. A lot of pre-employment checks need to be done before a potential candidate can be hired and this places a huge burden on the HR recruiters.

Document Management – Being in the education sector, your staff has to deal with several documents including, lecture notes, textbook PDFs, student attendance records, and more. An online solution is required to organize everything in the central repository and access it on the go.


  • Replacing manual input and paper-based processes with streamlined automation reduces human error and improves compliance and accuracy.
  • Automated HR system helps you manage and maximize your workforce; institutions can meet the goal of educating students while also enhancing workforce productivity, reducing labor costs, and minimizing compliance risks.
  • With an automated time tracking system, managing employee attendance is a whole lot easier. You can integrate your biometric and attendance devices with your HR system to capture employee attendance. Your staff can check their attendance hours and time off on their own.
  • Integrated learning management system streamlines staff learning and development. With advanced features like e-learning, teachers can train from wherever they are and refer to learning materials whenever they need them.
  • With an HR software solution, teachers can use an internal chat system, and gaps in communication can be prevented altogether. The live feeds feature helps you pass on important announcements to all your employees and ensure that everyone is on the same page.
  • With an advanced performance management system, you can get all the evaluation tools necessary to boost your employee’s performance. Continuous performance reviews can be conducted to help staff understand their role and work towards your institution’s goals and objectives.
  • All the documents are just a click away, which saves a good amount of time and boosts employee productivity.
  • With SutiHR, every single HR operation in your institution can be simplified and automated. Staff can manage their attendance, apply for time off, take up courses, access documents, and more from wherever they are.

Key Features

Talent Acquisition – SutiHR’s recruitment management system has been specially designed for educational sectors like schools, colleges, and universities to automate the talent acquisition process for qualified teachers, professors, administrators, office staff, etc. The cloud-based system streamlines the entire hiring process. From candidate identification and pre-screening to talent qualification and selection – the solution has sophisticated features to help you in your talent hunt.

Staff Record Management – SutiHR’s centralized database lets you organize and manage all the employee data from a single point. Keep the log of the employee life-cycle and examine the improvements in your workforce over a period of time with the online record management system.

Training and Development – SutiHR’s training management system helps identify skill gaps in employees and offers opportunities for training programs. Managers can create multiple training courses based on projects and employee needs. Quickly view and map the effectiveness and performance of training for multiple employees at the click of a button. The robust solution creates better opportunities of learning and development for your staff.

Time Tracking – The cloud-based time tracking system eliminates the tedious task of managing the timesheets manually. The online solution automatically tracks your staff clock in/out time, total working hours, and every time-related data of your employees. The system adds necessary earnings or deductions automatically in the salary slip for the payee.

Employee Scheduling – Advanced shift scheduling tool makes it easy to create optimized and efficient schedules while balancing business requirements and employee preferences. Once schedules are published, employees are automatically informed through the SutiHR mobile app.

Performance Management – The robust performance management system makes the tedious task of employee appraisal efficient and stress-free. The 360-degree performance reviews allow every employee to provide their feedback about a peer’s performance. Employee performance reports can be quickly generated to understand the skills that need more training.

Robust Data Analytics – Sophisticated analytics tools help in quicker decision making by presenting the information in a much simpler and easier form. All the valuable information will be made available on the reports dashboard. Various filters enable you to sort the data according to your requirements.

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