The time tracking software is browser and mobile enabled. It offers robust features which automates employee timekeeping and reduces the administrative burdens. The solution allows you to customize features to handle the unique requirements of your business, even the most complex shift scheduling rules for your diverse workforce are easy to setup. Advanced integrations help you easily export time and attendance data into your payroll providers system and simplifies the payroll process.

Time Tracking

Time Tracking

Advanced features make time tracking easy for everyone. The solution allows employees to access their time and attendance information on the desktop or mobile app.

Time Off

Time off

The system consolidates time off requests, approvals, and accruals so you can manage vacations, sick leave, and PTO with ease. It’s simple and always on time.

Shift Scheduling

Employee Scheduling

The shift scheduling system helps managers create efficient and productive shifts with the right employees, eliminating unnecessary downtime and productivity losses.

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Fully Automated System to Simplify Employee Time Tracking

The centralized attendance management system lets you monitor employees’ clock in/out time for all your work locations. Track your employee attendance through latest technologies such as biometrics and mobile/GPS in real-time.

Capture Attendance from Multiple Sources

Capture Attendance from the ESS Portal

The Self-Service portal empowers employees to submit clock in/out data, request time-off and track any leaves.

Capture Attendance from Third-Party Hardware

Can easily integrate with any attendance tracking system and can read various input formats.

Record Real-Time Attendance

Get attendance data from varied sources in real-time and gain transparency to view online timesheets in a single click.

Geolocation Tracking

Manage Attendance On the Go

Manage your employees time and attendance on the go from anywhere at any time with ease from your smartphone or tablet.

Mobile Clock In/Out

The mobile application enables your employees to update and manage their personal data and even clock in/out when they are away from the workplace.

Geofencing Attendance Management

Assign your employees to specific work locations with geofencing to ensure they can only clock in/out from the pre-set designated locations.

Geofencing Attendance Management
Geolocation Tracking

Geolocation Tracking

Track your employee location in real-time and get notified when they leave the job site without clocking in/out.

Calendar View of Attendance Information

The calendar offers an advanced visualization of your staff attendance. See who is late, on leave, all in one screen.

Configurable Policies

Automatically carry-out overtime policies, customize specific pay rates, and set complex overtime calculations for easy and accurate payroll.

Configurable Policies
Multi-level Supervisor Approval

Multi-level Supervisor Approval

Manage and approve time off, overtime, PTO, and shift changes with automatic email notifications which enables managers to strategically plan their workforce.

Integration with Biometric Attendance Device

The system supports and integrates with various biometric devices that are available in the market today. It manages all employee working hours and attendance easily in real-time.

Workflow Notification

Automated notifications make life easier for managers and their employees. The solution alerts employees when to submit timesheets, managers for approval, and more.

Sync Timesheet Data to External Payroll System

Connect to your favorite payroll systems to automatically sync accurate employee time tracking data for easy payroll processing.

Custom Clock In/Out

The solution empowers employees to not only clock in/out but to login to specific projects and activities from wherever they are.

Easy Report Generation

Easily generate reports for time and attendance to help make better decisions with insights about the data like late arrivals, total hours worked, absences, and much more.

Highly Flexible Time Off Management System

Designed to serve employee scheduling needs of businesses of all sizes, the solution makes employee scheduling and collaboration easier for your staff. The system enables you to assign separate shifts for different types of employees based on departments, job titles, and work locations.

Track Time Off Automatically

Track Time Off Automatically

The solution automatically tracks employees available and used time off, scheduled vacation time, and maintains employees’ time off requests and their managers responses.

Time Off Configuration

Customize time off types and configure multiple types of time off policies based on your businesses need.

Time Off Types

Create any number of time off types and define leave policies for each type exclusively: sick leave, paid time off, vacation, maternity/paternity leave, unpaid time off, bereavement leave, etc.

Import Time Off Requests

The solution offers various ways to upload external employee time off data into the software.

Import Time Off Requests

Generate Reports

Advanced reporting capabilities help you generate reports and view employees’ time off balances, absences, and more in real-time.

Customizable Leave Policies

Configure various types of leave policies such as pro-rating balances, carry over unused leaves into the next year, half-day permissions, and more.

Workflow Notification

Create centralized time off request workflows and automatically notify employees and their managers about any time off requests.

Track Time Off Automatically

Flexible/Custom Time Off Approval Workflow

The solution allows you to configure customized approval workflows so you can select who needs to approve a time off request and in which order.

Flexible/Custom Time Off Approval Workflow

Simple and All-inclusive Employee Scheduling Software

Designed to serve employee scheduling needs of businesses of all sizes, the solution makes employee scheduling and collaboration easier for your staff. The system enables you to assign separate shifts for different types of employees based on departments, job titles, and work locations.

Create Shifts and Associated Policies

Create Shifts and Associated Policies

Advanced shift scheduling system gives you simple ways to plan shifts, set rotation policies, and time off rules to create a schedule, then assign them to employees.

Assign Shifts to Employees

Empower managers to quickly assign or modify shifts for their team members with only a few clicks. Plus, approve an employee to pick up an open/available shift.

Shift Planning by Position

Optimize employee schedules by assigning shifts based on custom variables like employee role and day/time preferences.

Work Shift Calendar

Multiple Shifts in the Same Day

The solution supports complex shift assignments, such as split shifts, multiple shifts, and more.

Shift Templates for Reuse

Make employee scheduling easier and faster by saving schedules into templates for future use. Load the appropriate templates when required to recreate the schedule in a few clicks.

Shift Swap/Drop

Employees can drop, pickup, or request shift changes in real-time. The intuitive drag and drop functionality allow managers to assign, approve, and publish shift schedules quickly.

Create Open Shifts

Managers can create open shifts, publish shifts for pickup, and quickly find a replacement for an open or absent work shift.

Manage Shift Conflicts

Create conflict-free employee schedules in just a few clicks. The scheduling software considers the employee’s skills, availability, and location.

Attendance Adherence

The solution monitors staff adherence to schedules with alerts to the employee and manager when there is a potential issue with a schedule.

Shift Calendar

Access your team roster from the shift calendar on your mobile and set reminders for your upcoming shifts.

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