Job Requisition

Creating and managing a requisition becomes much easier with the SutiHR Applicant Tracking System (ATS). Simply select a custom form, specify your criteria, and create a requisition within seconds. Track requisitions by designation, job description, and budget.

Email Templates

No more need to create email templates anymore. Our applicant tracking system features various customizable templates from the interview schedule, an offer letter, candidate rejections, and much more. You can simply pick any template you find pertinent, modify if necessary, and send out immediately.

Auto Publish to Your Career Site

Publishing a job opening through our software will automatically populate it to your career site. When candidates apply for a job, the application is directly sent into the SutiHR hiring pipeline.

Mass Email Notifications

Send out email notifications to multiple applicants in one shot within seconds with SutiHR. This eliminates the need to send the same email repeatedly, thus saving you time.

Job Posting (One-click posting to multiple job sites)

Reach candidates wherever they are and place your job openings in front of the right candidates. You can customize your job postings using our ATS software solution.

Resume Management

As you get hundreds of resumes, it becomes difficult to search through multiple candidate profiles in a database. With the SutiHR Applicant Tracking System (ATS), you can easily manage multitude of resumes in different formats which can be easily filtered into various stages such as shortlisted candidates, who have been reviewed, and the selected candidates.

Hiring Pipeline

Make your hiring process simply effortless with our ATS module. Automate your internal procedures and track candidates as they flow through various stages of your hiring pipeline. Leave applicant tracking to SutiHR and focus on getting the best talent onboard.

Interview Calendar

Scheduling interviews becomes a breeze with our SutiHR Calendar. Let our calendar take care of your interview schedule. Know what interviews have been scheduled and still need to be conducted, so you can plan your future interviews.

Job Offer Letters

It is easy to track applicants to whom job offers are released and have yet to be release. Our job offer templates can be customized per your requirements and sent out to each candidate.


Configure, administer, and run all your recruitment applications within one single solution. Streaming APIs, advanced systems integration technology allows for real-time updates across all applications.

Reports and Analytics

Featuring extensive reporting and analytical capabilities, SutiHR gives you various reports on recruitment which you can access at any time. Also, our recruiting analytics helps you analyze the trends and hiring patterns within your organization so you can make informed decisions.

Compliance (GDPR/EEOC)

Avoid expensive audits and ensure that your company’s recruiting practices adhere to the EEOC, GDPR, and other hiring compliance standards. Monitor your HR team’s activities and always stay on top of any compliance issues.

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