The healthcare industry is one of the most challenging and quick growing industries today. Because of the complex nature, it needs an experienced and empowered workforce to carry out its functions. Those employees can be hard to manage, especially as healthcare organizations develop.

SutiHR supports the complex needs of healthcare organizations to improve outcomes. It streamlines your HR processes and supports your strategic initiatives so you can think less about employee shortages and turnover rates and more about keeping your staff engaged and your patients healthy.


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Healthcare HR Management Challenges

Digitization – As businesses evolve, the workflows and needed technology is a significant force in how the future of the company and its growth will unfold. To meet this increasing demand, it is crucial for healthcare providers to use the latest technology available to attract and engage the best talent.

Acquiring New Talent – What organizations need is proper and efficient HR management and talent acquisition. It’s essential in the economy to understand your organization growth and that it’s only as intelligent as its staff. The war for the best talent continues as healthcare providers compete to differentiate themselves.

Improved Outcomes – As costs continue to rise and healthcare organizations feel the pressure on margins, the industry is beginning to move away from its traditional, uneven healthcare approach to one focused on consolidation and connectivity. Technology plays a critical role in enabling these linkages, driving from traditional paper records to digitization as the enabler with predictive capabilities plus the ability to find opportunities for improved, more cost-effective outcomes.

Training and Development – Ongoing trainings, licensures, and development for each team are essential for every industry, especially within the healthcare sector. For healthcare HR teams specifically, keeping track of every certification each employee currently holds, must hold, attaining them, and then storing these file is one of their most critical and time consuming tasks.

Data Analytics – To meet these changing needs for healthcare, organizations need to implement an analytics strategy with accurate business-level data aggregation.

HR Compliance Management – To ensure complete compliance, healthcare organizations need to safeguard medical information, including patients’ health records. This requires an advanced solution for maintaining hiring compliance, storing documents, and managing tax.

Why SutiHR for Healthcare?

  • Self-Service HR portal enables employees to record time and attendance, check work schedules, request leaves, view payslips, and much more.
  • With the online HR Software for hospitals, HR Managers can focus more on the strategic development of the organization’s goals rather than managing the routine administration work.
  • From requisitions to interviews, onboarding to separation, the system streamlines everything. Hire the best healthcare professionals faster while always meeting compliance requirements.
  • Predict attrition risks in real-time to mobilize your retention efforts quickly and reduce the impact of turnover on patient safety.
  • Maintain compliance with the latest reporting, certifications, and regulatory requirements. Comply with complex payroll, tax, and workplace rules.
  • The solution detects any shift changes automatically and calculates the employees time suitable with shifts, calculate lateness, overtime, absence, and more.
  • You can schedule your staff from any location at any time and keep your team organized by leveraging the powerful mobile application.
  • By moving workloads onto the cloud, you can significantly reduce the IT infrastructure costs. The online solution also provides increased security and access to data, as well as quick and easy software updates which help drive innovation.
  • With centralized visibility and better insight into service lines, plus planning and budgeting, you can drive operational efficiencies while also reducing costs.

Key Features

Record Management – SutiHR unifies data across healthcare organizations to deliver a single source of truth, driving data-driven decisions, cost efficiencies, and a future built on innovation.

Employee Self Service – The user-friendly interface helps healthcare professionals manage their work hours, process leave requests, enter in their details, thus reducing HR Managers’ job tasks by a half.

Recruitment – Streamline and optimize every aspect of your recruiting process with the best-in-class, highly rated recruitment system. SutiHR’s advanced Applicant Tracking System (ATS) helps you attract and engage quality candidates and build trust with them throughout the entire process.

Onboarding – Onboard faster than ever by providing your new hires the tools to complete forms and policies online, utilizing SutiSign eSignature, before and as they join your organization.

Time Management – The online time tracking system simplifies attendance management and provides flexible options that enable you to customize working hours, shift timings, and much more for your healthcare professionals. The system helps you manage the approval of time entered by physicians, nurses, technicians, and other staff on the go.

Shift Scheduling – Advanced shift scheduling capabilities help create staff schedules while balancing healthcare needs with employee availability, labor budgets, and scheduling limits. The intuitive mobile application helps avoid staff shortages and last-minute scrambles by informing staff of their schedules well in advance and facilitating easy shift swapping when needed.

360-Degree Performance Management – The online software for healthcare organizations simplifies the entire process of employee performance management via triggering 360-degree performance reviews and timely feedback from management and any other key sources.

Efficient Training Management – The solution keeps your staff updated with regular trainings and development programs, timely certificate issuances, and alerts whenever certificates are expiring. The timely training activities improve patient outcomes and hospital accreditations, eventually developing an improved and valued brand.

Mobile Application – SutiHR allows your healthcare professionals more flexibility by providing a mobile application which they can easily access on the go. Hospital staff can easily view their work-related information and keep up with daily tasks anywhere, at any time.

Advanced Reporting & Analytics – Intelligent reports offered by the solution help better assess workforce trends, forecast talent needs, and minimize the probability of potential problems arising before they become costly. Plus, create custom reports easily within the system.

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