Manufacturing firms rely on the productivity of workforce to drive revenues and keep everything organized. There are specific demands on the HR department in this industry. The complexity in recruiting and retaining skilled workers, the need for compliance with safety policies, and the digital transformation are a few. SutiHR helps you to effectively recruit skilled employees, train, monitor, and track the performance of your workforce.

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  • Centralize data for employees across various locations, subsidiaries, job codes, and benefits plans.
  • Find and hire the best talents for the job and stay compliant with local and federal hiring rules.
  • With automated time tracking, you can monitor your employee location and how well they are utilizing their time.
  • Calculate overtime, double-time, bonus pay etc., with just a click of a button.
  • Time tracking and payroll integration makes sure that employees receive fair compensation for the effort and time they are putting at work.
  • Employees can set their availability preferences and trade shifts on their own - without manager involvement.
  • Encourage your employees to perform well by providing them with continuous and actionable feedback.
  • Create custom learning plans to meet your organization’s unique needs.
  • Employees can enroll in benefits and access their compensation details from their dashboard on the go.
  • Improve quality, reduce time spent on quality control, spot issues, and correct them earlier.

Key Features

Streamline Employee Records Management – The centralized database of SutiHR allows you to store employee information and records in a single location. Any updates to employee records are instantly shared across the entire platform for better accuracy, consistency, and compliance.

Recruit Top Talents Fast – As a high-risk enterprise, you need to simplify your recruitment process from requisitions to onboarding, and stay compliant. With SutiHR, finding and hiring the best talents is quick and easy. You can publish your job posting to leading job boards within a few clicks, and maintain compliance with federal hiring regulations.

Simplify Employee Time Tracking – The Time & Attendance module allows you to streamline hour and employee tracking, automate work shift scheduling and improve job costing to create a more efficient and profitable enterprise.

Optimize Employee Scheduling – SutiHR allows you to easily create conflict-free schedules based on employee availability, job title, and skills. With the online solution managers can keep track of employee schedules, time and attendance, and clock-in/clock-out from anywhere, anytime.

Easy Employee Performance Monitoring – Customize your performance management programs to meet the specific needs of every employee in your organization. Engage and motivate employees with continuous feedback, development and recognition that support their performance and career growth.

Streamline Benefits Administration – Benefits enrollment is really difficult when it is done using traditional systems. SutiHR’s benefits module allows employees to quickly review and select plans as per their preference.

Employee Self Service – The employee self-service portal allows users to access and update their personal information, apply time off, enroll in benefits, view payslips, and tax details directly through the web portal or mobile app from anywhere, anytime.

Develop High Performing Teams – Online training management makes it easy to provide and keep track of training completions and certifications for compliance. Easily identify and address learning needs, associated training requirements, and evaluate training’s effectiveness. Build your talent pipeline with practical, talent-pool based succession planning.

Advanced Reporting – Generate various HR reports instantly within the solution for helpful business insights to improve your budgeting and productivity.

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