The intuitive training management system helps you plan and execute training programs to ensure employees are receiving the training they need to develop the skills to perform their best. The advanced features offered by the solution enable you to evaluate and analyze their existing skills and customize the training programs to suit each employee’s pace and learning style.

Training Dashroard

Employee Training and Development Plans

Automate your entire training program, from handling training requests for employees and managers to creating training schedules and examining the impact of those sessions. Plan custom employee training and development based on roles, their job profile, and the individuals needs.

Email Notifications and Reminders

The solution automatically monitors due dates and sends reminders when training is overdue. Auto-generated emails notify all stakeholders about training schedules, pass/fail results, due dates, and training expiration dates.

Obtain Employees’ Feedback

The solution enables employees to give feedback on the training programs they attended. Rating training courses based on feedback and gain quick insight into how effective your training and development programs are.

Obtain Employees’ Feedback

Role-based Competencies and Skill Assessment

Track each employee’s skills and competencies all in one place. Allowing the HR team, managers, and employees to view what their next steps are within their current position and what they need to improve how to progress or change roles.

Real-Time Reporting

With advanced analytics, it is easy to analyze training history, supervise training effectiveness, manage budgets, and competency gaps. Generate customized reports based on training costs, attendance, schedules, and other requirements.

Set up Recurring Training Sessions

The system allows you to set up recurring training sessions at regular intervals such as weekly, monthly, over a specified period. The recurring training sessions save you the time and effort of recreating the same training multiple times over.

Other Features

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