Compensation Management

Empower your administrators to define compensation packages, plans, programs, and processes using real-time data, plus help your business take proper action. With an effective online solution, you can use flexible location profiles and currency options to set compensation for all employees around the globe.

Compensation Plans and Packages

Create custom compensation plans based on a wide variety of data, including salary, allowance, merit, bonuses, commissions, and much more. Combine plans, grades, and grade profiles, such as job level within a specific geography, to provide complete package options. You can set up approval hierarchies and workflows for different plans.

Complete Control on Compensation Cycle

From budget modeling to employee communication, the solution puts you in control of the complete compensation cycle. Quickly create rules for every plan, initiate and maintain the process with managers, and pre-calculate awards based on factors you determine.

Salary and Bonus Management

Supervise salary reviews globally while adhering to local guidelines and policies. Budget and track all salary processes and related costs all in one platform – the solution provides broad salary views for HR, Finance, Managers, and Employees. Create custom bonus schemes aligned with corporate and regulatory guidelines.

Empower Smart Decisions

Empower managers to allocate their budgets wisely and help drive your talent retention, engagement, and keep the business growing.

Budget Control

The software provides you with clear and reliable budgeting control, displaying your total budget, how much is used, and how much remains.

Automatic Increment Suggestions

Based on employees' current salary, performance scores, and overall budget, the system automatically recommends increment increases. It allows you to modify and finalize new compensation plans easily.

Analytics and Reports

Robust analytics and reporting capabilities help you transform data into insights by improving the performance of your workforce with an analytical view over your compensation processes.

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An advanced HR Software for a fair and transparent employee compensation management.

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