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SutiPMS is an enterprise-ready cloud-based Property Management System that automates hospitality management end-to-end. With intuitive managerial dashboards, centralized booking process and robust lead management system, SutiPMS streamlines hotel management process and enables your staff to manage all your properties the easy way.

Key Features

Hotel management just got easier with SutiSoft’s comprehensive PMS solution

Simplify your Front & Back Office Operations

Track guest check in/out, get reservation charts, manage bookings/cancellations, assign tasks, set alerts, and get the real-time status of your property anytime with SutiPMS.

Housekeeping made Easy

Manage your daily housekeeping and maintenance activities effectively with SutiPMS. Get the current status of the room, set up auto-posting comments, get housekeeping reports, assign maintenance activities, and track the progress in a timely manner.

Robust Booking Engine

Manage inventory, set dynamic policies, process bookings, get real-time reports, and carry out cross-sell & up-sell activities effortlessly with our responsive booking engine. The SutiPMS booking engine updates the inventory dynamically so you'll never run the risk of double bookings.

Centralized Booking System

Eliminate the hassle of managing multiple bookings with our centralized reservation system. Track bookings, room statuses & availability, checking rates, no-shows and future bookings all from a single interface with our easy-to-use reservation system. SutiPMS provides centralized access to rates, inventory, bookings and adds a new level of visibility and efficiency in the way you manage your booking process.

Point of Sale

Set up multiple ‘Points of Sale’ outlets and easily manage your Restaurants, Spa, Travel Desk and much more with SutiPMS.

Guest Relationship Management

No matter if it is a guest profile, corporate guest profile, or travel agent profile, SutiPMS allows you to maintain records for various guest profiles. Our solution allows you to organize events & tasks, and track pending payments & invoices easily with our guest management feature.

Reports & Real-time Analytics

From Sales to Audit, Accounting to Point of Sales, SutiPMS generates comprehensive reports to provide meaningful insights you need in real-time. Track revenues, and points of sales to get the visibility you need to make better forecasts.


Get the information you need anytime and from anywhere. Simply manage check-ins, check-outs, reservation, housekeeping operations, points of sales, reports and more right from your smart phone.

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