SutiDMS is a centralized Document Management System that lets you create, organize, store, manage, track and share documents with ease. The solution enables you to define rules to allow/restrict users from accessing documents and ensures secured file storage.

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Key Features

Capture and Organize Documents

Upload and Capture Documents

Capture and upload documents easily and securely to SutiDMS. You can upload documents in PDF, Word, Excel, and other such formats, and images in JPEG, PNG, and other formats.

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Import Files

Import documents in bulk with simple drag & drop functionality and store them securely on a centralized file repository. You can set security preferences for users to view, edit, share and delete files while importing.

Secured Storage

Strict access control guarantees authorized access and ensures documents do not fall into the wrong hands. You can define who can view, edit, share or delete files by providing access previleges to the documents from anywhere.

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Drag 'n' Drop Interface

Intuitive drag & drop functionality enables users to upload documents in just a few clicks.

Document Processing and Workflow Management

Document Version Control

SutiDMS logs the changes made to the files over time and allows tracking different versions of documents for audit trail purposes. The latest versions will be available first followed by the previous versions.

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Electronic Signature

The eSignature integration allows you to electronically sign documents quickly from anywhere.

Customizable Dashboard

Personalize your dashboard by selecting various parameters you wish to view in each column, such as My Recent Documents, My Favorites, My Downloads, My Documents, and more. You can quickly access document library and perform various actions such as creating folders, merging and splitting PDFs, and more by clicking the respective icons on the dashboard.

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Reminders and Notifications

SutiDMS sends automated notifications throughout the document management processes to keep everybody informed about all action performed on the documents.

Automated Workflow

Automated workflows streamline the tedious process of document creation, sharing, approval, storage, and management processes.

Document Policies

SutiDMS allows you to define policies for creating, storing, and sharing documents and helps to ensure compliance across the document management process.

Easy Access to Documents

Multi-level Folders

Creating multi-level folders as per the organization structure helps you maintain consistency in folder hierarchies and enables you to store by folders while enhancing accessibility.

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Flexible Search Option

Find documents instantly using a variety of advanced search criteria, such as document type, location, and combination of other document properties.

Share Documents

Share files, folders, or even the whole workspace to other users by setting permissions such as viewers, editors or administrators.

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Access from Mobile

Easily upload documents anytime by capturing images using smartphones. Authorized users can access documents and folders using their mobile devices on-the-go.

Role-based Security

Configure role-based access to the document library and set permissions for specific users or groups to view, edit or delete documents and folders to enhance security.

Document Library

SutiDMS centralized document repository allows authorized users to create workspaces and folders to organize documents systematically for easy access. Users can find and edit documents with ease.

Store Documents on Cloud

The cloud-based SutiDMS solution allows users to access documents and folders securely from anywhere, anytime and makes the document management process easy and economical.

Integrated Platform

Document management simplified with our integrated solution that helps you organize, track, and store documents more efficiently.

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