Advanced Security and Signer Authentications

Our solution ensures your documents' compliance and security by consistently adhering to all eSignature standards.

Advanced Security and Signer Authentications

Signature Verification

SutiSign verifies signatures through unique traits by capturing minutiae points.

Role-Based Authorization

Set access permissions according to roles to ensure only authorized users can view or approve documents.

Secure Storage

All your documents are encrypted and stored in AWS environment, ensuring security against unauthorized access.

Email Authentication

Add an extra layer of security by requiring signers to verify their identity through their email to access the document.

Access Code Authentication

Access code authentication adds an extra layer of security by mandating recipients to enter access codes shared by requestors for signing the document.

SMS Authentication (OTP)

Secure your documents by requiring recipients to enter a one-time password (OTP) received on their mobile devices to access the document.

ID Verification

Signers can easily confirm their identity by submitting a Driver's License or Passport, adding an extra layer of trust to your eSignature process.


SutiSign complies with standard eSignature laws to ensure your signatures are legally binding.

Audit Trail

The audit log records all actions, including signer’s photo, IP address, timestamps, GPS co-ordinates, and more, ensuring credibility and trust.

E-Sign Act Compliance

SutiSign adheres to E-Sign Act to ensure your signatures are legally binding and comply with regulatory requirements.

Compliant with Global eSignature Laws

Our compliance with the ESIGN Act, UETA, EU Directives, and HIPAA ensures your documents are legally binding and secure.

SSL Encryption

SutiSign's SSL protection keeps your data safe. It encrypts data between signers and the site, authenticates the website, and prevents fake versions.


SutiSign is GDPR-compliant, the new EU law that safeguards data privacy. This regulation sets high standards for handling personal data and influences global data privacy practices.

Soc2 Type II

Our SOC 2 Type II compliance certification guarantees rigorous security and data protection practices so that you can be rest assured.

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