With registration forms, patient records, test reports, consent forms, and so on, the amount of paperwork in the healthcare industry is enormous. Digitization of these tasks can save a lot of time and money for all the parties involved. This is where SutiSign comes in. The online signature software allows users to provide their consent online digitally, which allows for healthcare providers to maintain all records and reports online in a safe and secure manner. With digitization moving into all aspects of our lives, it is but natural for healthcare providers to embrace the technology for improved efficiency and effectiveness.

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Top reasons for eSignature adoption by Health Care organizations

Time and Cost Savings

Save a lot of time and cost with SutiSign, which enables users to complete their tasks in no time and in a much more effective manner.

Easy to Migrate from Traditional to Digital Signature

It takes almost no time to deploy online signature software, making the time taken to migrate from paperwork to paperless work almost immediate.

Share and Access Medical Records Securely

With SutiSign, medical records can be shared and accessed anytime safely and securely. Doctor-patient confidentiality is maintained always, every time.

Create a Paperless Environment

Health industry is one of the most paperwork-intensive industries out there with patient records, reports, bills, and much more. Online signature software coupled with a document management system can create a paperless environment that saves a lot of time and effort for all the parties involved.

Verify and Approve Patient Records on Mobile

SutiSign’s mobile application and cloud storage ensures that you can sign documents on the go always.

Legal with Industry Compliance

SutiSign enjoys complete legal compliance so that you can conduct your transactions secure in the knowledge that they are legally-binding.

Improved Patient Experience

With paperwork out of the way patients can enjoy a seamless and efficient experience.

Use Cases

  • Fill out and sign online patient registration forms
  • Sign patient documents – both doctors and patients can sign document from anywhere
  • Patient agreements
  • Sign on medical bills
  • Issue medical receipts to patients
  • Easily verify and process insurance claims
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