The logistics industry involves multiple time-consuming processes such as storage, transportation, delivery, and inventory of a variety of products. When organizations handle these processes physically, they risk involving a lot of paperwork and time, which can cost them the business. With more and more customers today becoming technologically savvy, it is time for businesses to do the same so as to ensure timely and accurate assurance for customers. Such customers’ demands can be met by SutiSign, a completely secure online signature software solution that enables both parties involved in the transaction to manage their processes quickly and efficiently. Our user-friendly portal ensures a safe and secure process that helps increase productivity as well as profitability for businesses.

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Why SutiSign for Logistic the Sector

Custom Reusable Templates

Save time and effort by converting your frequently-used documents and contracts into re-usable templates.

Web Forms

With SutiSign, you can convert leads from your landing pages quicker and more efficiently.

Legally Binding eSignature

SutiSign enjoys complete legal compliance so that you can conduct your transactions secure in the knowledge that they are legally-binding.

Secure Cloud Storage

Our secure cloud storage ensures that you never lose any important documents and have immediate access to them whenever and wherever you want them.

Sign Documents Online/Offline

Our signature solution comes with features that enable you to get documents signed both online and offline.

Sign Anywhere on the Go

SutiSign’s mobile application and cloud storage ensures that you can sign documents on the go always.

Reduces Paper Usage and Storage Space

Logistics processes involves lot of paperwork. With SitiSign, you can save on all that paper and give back to the environment.

Emails with your Company Branding

Now brand your documents with your company logos to make them look more professional.

Reduces Manual Processing Time

Reduce processing time and increase productivity with our completely digitalized solution.

Use Cases

  • Bill of Lading (cargo receipt acknowledgement)
  • Freight bill
  • Customer contracts
  • Shipping & transport insurance
  • E-way bill
  • Consignment document
  • Dangerous goods shipper's declaration (DGD) form
  • Packing slip
  • Dispatch note (delivery note)
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