The Easiest Way to Send and Sign Documents

Automate your document signing process with our advanced capabilities and customized workflows.
SutiSign's takes your document signing process to the next level with its unique set of features.

Document Templates

Create reusable templates for documents you sign frequently, such as contracts, invoices, and employee onboarding forms. It saves you time and effort.

Supports Multiple File Formats

Our solution supports various file formats, including Microsoft Word (.doc), PowerPoint (.ppt), Excel (.xls), plain text (.txt), PDF (.pdf), OpenOffice Presentation (.odp), OpenOffice Spreadsheet (.ods), OpenOffice Text (.odt), and more.

Multiple Document Support

Experience hassle-free document signing with SutiSign, offering the convenience of sending multiple documents simultaneously.

Custom Fields and Signature Points

With just a few clicks, you can easily personalize your documents by adding fields, signature points, initials, and more.

Import from Cloud Storage

Senders can easily import documents from Google Drive, Microsoft Office 365, Dropbox, Salesforce and send to recipients for signatures.

Supports Multiple Signers

With our simple and secure document signing process, you can simultaneously send documents to multiple signers and track their progress in real time.

Custom Signing Order (Approval order)

SutiSign offers flexible options for signing - you can choose from the serial, parallel, or a combination based on your requirements.

Attach Additional Documents

Attach files to documents to enhance clarity and signer experience, making it easier for them to review, accept, and complete the signing process efficiently.

Route Documents by Role (Condition based)

Intelligently routes documents to the appropriate signer based on criteria set by the requester, such as role, department, or location. This ensures quick, accurate, and hands-free document routing.

Other Features

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