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Signatures are one of the most important aspects of a financial transaction, one without which the transaction is deemed null and void. Given this, however, many organizations still follow the traditional methods of signing documents, which not only consumes a lot of time but is also a hassle in this pandemic time where people want to keep physical contact to a minimum. Under such conditions, it is highly beneficial for a financial institution such as a bank or a financial services firm to be able to complete a financial transaction online. SutiSign, our online signature software, allows firms exactly that. With SutiSign, firms can complete complex financial transactions online with minimum hassle and maximum convenience.

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Why eSignature is Important for Finance Organizations

Easier Storage and Retrieval for Documents

Documents can be easily stored and retrieved securely with our SutiSign solution. Furthermore, you can also integrate SutiSign with document management systems for increased convenience.

Saves Time and Cost

eSignatures and digital documents can reduce paper based processes, faster the finance and banking transactions. It significantly boosts productivity.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

eSignature helps accomplish the faster approval and processing of financial transactions leads to higher customer satisfactions and loyality.

Compliant with Industry Regulations (Legislation)

SutiSign is increasing an extra layer of security by adapting industry compliances such as (UETA and ESIGN act, Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFEIC) and The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFCB).

Social Responsibility

Reduces paper consumptions and encourages a greener environment.

Use Cases: (Use of eSignature)

Consumer Banking

Account openings
KYC/customer onboarding
Automated clearing house (ACH)
Debit and credit card applications
All types of insurance applications and verification

Investment Banking

Demat and investment applications
Mutual funds
Trading requests and implementations

Commercial Banking

Company account creation
Automated clearing house (ACH)

Small Business Lending

Loan applications
Loan delivery signoff
Signer identity and document validations


Payment approvals
HR documents
Legal documents
Other internal documents

Top E-signature features that drives finance organizations to Adopt SutiSign

In-person Signing and Remote Signing

To offer maximum usability for our consumers, SutiSign can be used both in person and remotely.

Flexible Workflows (Role-based)

With SutiSoft, administrators can control the privileges each user enjoys, so that workflows can be assigned based on roles and responsibilities.

Customizable Templates

SutiSign allows users to completely customize their documents as per their needs, which means that users don’t have to create the same documents again and again.

Secured Cloud Storage

Our secure cloud storage ensures that you never lose any important documents and have immediate access to them whenever and wherever you want them.

Handwritten Verification Support

SutiSign also allows users the convenience of verifying documents in hand.

Supports all Mobile Devices

SutiSign’s mobile application and cloud storage ensures that you can sign documents on the go always.

Risk Free Operations

SutiSign is completely secure and complies with all existing legal standards.

Encrypted Documents

Documents can be encrypted for maximum security.

Digital Audit Trials

SutiSign allows for digital audit trails, which ensures maximum transparency and security.

Analytics – Improved Visibility into Document Signing

The solution also comes with analytics which allows users insights into their transactions.

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